About Ameex

Ameex Technologies is a Digital Transformation partner delivering content and personalized commerce solutions, fueling the transformation in digital experiences. We help you build and deliver integrated, optimized user experience across all digital touchpoints, all audiences, with the customer at the center, and throughout the customer engagement journey.

Our approach to digital transformation is one that balances competing priorities and strategies that is much more than just the technologies used. Backed by deep analytics, Ameex delivers content through various platforms (web, mobile, IoT etc..) that are highly scalable and easy to maintain, providing cost-effective solutions that accelerate growth. 

Our Global Leadership Team

Dan Venkatesan
Dan Venkatesan CEO Ameexusa
Ranga Srinivasan
Ranga CTO Ameex Technolgies
Raj Piruthivi
Raj Piruthivi Vice president Ameex technologies
Susan Cline
Susan Cline Ameex Tech
Brett McCoin
Stacy Benefield
Tara McIver
Image of Tara McIver
Denise Baker
Hari Prasad
Hari Prasad Ameex