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We Specialize in Creating Personalized Experiences Using Acquia Personalization

Want to make personalization work for you?


Nearly 89% of businesses invested 14% of their marketing budgets to personalization last year(2018) alone.

Acquia Partner

Acquia personalization – The only no-code personalization solution optimized for Drupal

Key capabilities

  • No code Personalization
  • Three-step personalization campaign creation
  • Provides single view of customers
  • Real-time, adaptive segmentation
  • Centralized Dashboards
  • Digital metrics export to third party analytics engine
  • Built-in A/B Testing

Ameex's personalization capabilities

Standard web personalization

  • Goals and KPI Identification
  • Digital metrics baselining
  • Persona Identification and Segmentation
  • Persona-Content Mapping
  • Personalization Implementation
  • Digital Data Metrics Optimization
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Advanced personalization

  • Data insights from third party data systems
  • Importing user segments to Personalization engine
  • Consolidating user data and persona
  • Persona – Content mapping
  • Personalization Implementation
  • Digital metrics export to third party analytics engine
  • Digital metrics Optimization


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