Analytics Services

Web Analytics Services

I2 Decisions is an analytics services firm, headquartered in Illinois, USA with its offshore delivery center located in Chennai, India.

I2 Decisions offers its specialized analytics solutions to many Fortune 1000 firms using a combination of people, standardized processes and technology. The three areas I2 Decisions focuses its offerings are in the areas of Sales, Marketing and Supply Chain. Analytics services include Descriptive Analytics, Diagnostic Analytics and Predictive Analytics.  

I2 Decisions started its analytics journey by offering Web Analytics solutions to the clients of its parent company, Ameex Technologies. Ameex Technologies offers content management solutions to its clients. With Web Analytics as a natural extension of Ameex offerings, I2 Decisions was started as a division focused on analytics solutions. I2 Decisions has since expanded its offerings into multiple other practice areas. Few of the solutions offered include:

Insights and intuition

We believe that data driven insights and intuitions can assist clients to make the right business decisions. We provide our clients with actionable insights from data using a combination of people with great analytical talent, standardized processes and technology.

Structured Approach

We have a unique structured approach to solve any business problem. We transform any business problem into an analytical framework to solve it effectively.

Flexible Model

We provide a flexible engagement model to our clients which includes a flexible operating (onsite\offshore) model and resourcing (FTE-based\Project-based) model.

Experienced Analytics Professional

Our analytics professionals are well versed in using various tools and technologies including R, SAS, Python, Tableau, Microstrategy, Power BI, etc.


I2 Decisions was built using four pillars - Services, Products, Research & Development and Training with the foundation of 'Continuous Learning'.