AngularJS Development

AngularJS Development

Angular JS is Google's open-source web application framework which was developed to meet the needs of rapid application development and testing for single-page applications.

Angular JS structure is familiar in that it is a natural extension of HTML, and its tags and attributes are used to provide further expressiveness to displays, and as commands to bind and output sections of the application page to a model built with standard terms available through the JavaScript language.



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What makes Angular JS unique is its method of synchronizing models and views, and it provides its own framework for model-view-controller (MVC) architecture which relies heavily on two-way data binding. Other frameworks often require extensive use of boilerplate code to synchronize models and views.

Who to contact for help with AngularJS

If you are in need of AngularJS developers or just Angular consulting, the firm to contact is Ameex Technologies. We have AngularJS programmers that can do all necessary AngularJS development for you, or we can simply act as advisors and consultants on your Angular projects. Whatever kind of help you need with Angular, Ameex Technologies has the expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Builds on familiar HTML code structure

The same familiar declarative structures and patterns used in HTML are used by Angular to create greater expressiveness for data binding and the behavior of presentation components.

Two-way data binding

Because templates can be presented using plain HTML from data contained in the scope of the model, the complexity of code is greatly reduced and back-end server traffic is also much reduced.

De-coupled client side and server side

Since the client side of any application is separated from its server side, development work and testing can proceed in parallel on both platforms independently.

Prototyping and development speed

AngularJS includes much of the JavaScript code you would ordinarily have to write to tie an interface to the underlying data management system, which means much time and effort can be saved in the design and development phases.


Angular JS is maintained as an open-source framework for developers to use by Google and a whole community of developers striving to optimize single-page applications. This positions it ideally to integrate with other Google components which might enhance the application's functionality.

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