6 Reasons to Keep Your CMS Updated

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 11 Sep 2018

There is no excuse not to stay up to date on the best of breed Content Management System (CMS) software available through the open source community. Today there are many open source initiatives that create leading edge software that help companies like yours launch effective messaging, advanced web design, online shopping, blogs, and more. Don't let the idea of hiring a developer hinder you when the cost of outdated software is much greater. Instead, check out our handy list of some of the best reasons to keep your CMS updated.

Here are 6 reasons to keep your CMS updated:

1. Continued support Keeping your CMS current with the most stable or latest version of your website's CMS platform guarantees continued support from the open source community. This helps ensure complex components of your site won't break.

2. Security updates Regular security updates contain important fixes and patches for bugs and other problems that arise in the software. When older versions are no longer supported these improvements are not issued to older versions and only addressed in the newer software.

3. Responsive web design As CMS gains ground in responsive design, the newer software versions can more quickly generate websites easily read from any screen including mobile, desktop, and tablet. Newer software versions can now cut responsive design time in half compared to their predecessors.

4. Resolved software vulnerabilities In addition to security updates, the latest software releases often make numerous improvements in each release to address weak areas of functionality. This protects websites from hacking and attacks.

5. More features Access to additional modules, extensions, and functionality is another added benefit to making sure your CMS is upgraded. Open source developers are usually programming add-on features and extensions for the latest version of the software, so to stay on top of what's available; it's best to stay on top of your upgrades.

6. Avoid time-consuming upgrades down the road It is highly recommended to stay at least one version behind the latest release of your CMS software at all times. If your software becomes any more outdated, you could be left without direct paths for upgrading to newer versions. These situations can be costly and usually require hiring a developer to help with the migration process.

Have more questions about upgrading your CMS system? Our developers have deep expertise in several platforms and are available to answer your questions. Feel free to contact a member of one of our senior development teams to assist you in your development efforts.