7 Important Tips to Prepare Your Magento Store for the Upcoming Holidays

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 17 Nov 2021

With the holiday season almost here, your online Magento store may need a revamp or alterations for better user engagement and ROI. Up for a change?

Here are seven important tips to prepare your Magento store for the upcoming holidays:

1) An Attractive and Fully-Optimized Home Page

Holidays excite people. They are in the jovial mood to shop, travel, enjoy and pamper themselves in novel ways. And why not! In this festive season, your business should provide a visually stunning website, concentrating more on a well-aligned home page filled with holiday charm. Present amazing product deals and discounts to grab the attention of customers. Your store homepage can also showcase new shopping ideas. Select relevant images, develop content that is evolved and fulfil the demands of customers.

2) Insert Holiday-centric Keywords

During the holidays, there’s an observable change in online audience behavior. They search for attractive deals and offers, so using hashtags like deals, best, cheap, offer, and discount attract more eyeballs. Create a list of time-relevant keywords, optimize the meta data, URLs, and content of the pages that focus on holiday content and sales. You can use online tools such as Google Trends or Google Keyword Planner to extract the most popular keywords of a period. With the latest offering of Magento v 2.4.3, you get the Page Builder module right out of the box – you no longer must work with lines of code to change content for a page or the look and feel.

3) Lesser Load Time Better User Experience

If you are presenting awesome offers and discounts, set your site for right number of customers. Make sure your site is optimized to load as quickly as possible for a seamless shopping experience. Google takes into account the speed factor for ranking. So, don’t ignore it. Use online tools like WebPageTest and Google PageSpeed Insights to keep a tab on your site’s speed.

4) Strengthen Your Online Store’s Security

In a survey, it was found that over 50% of holiday shoppers were concerned about online shopping security. With numerous reports of consumer data breaches during these times, their worry is understandable. Online hackers keep a close eye on spikes of online transactions and target vulnerable victims. Your Magento store must be geared up for such spam and protect your customers. In order to stay protected, always ensure you have the latest security patches installed on your Magento store. Refer the page for more information -

5) A Strong ‘Thank You’ Page

Create a stunning thank you page is a great chance to bond with the customers. By offering coupon codes, you can request people subscribe to your newsletters for industry news, updates and holiday deals.

6) Modify Product Suggestions, if required

Some products that are popular year-round, may not be during the holiday season. Timing is an important factor when suggesting products. During holidays, you can present products that are good gift items in the product recommendation section. This is safe. However, bad product suggestion results may adversely affect your business. Product upsells and cross sells are very easy to configure given the product recommendation engine Magento Commerce provides right out of the box.

7) Offer Live Support

During long holidays, your online Magento store can be flooded with all kinds of audience traffic -- from loyal customers to first timers. First timers who enter your site must have a smooth shopping experience with no confusion. If they do get caught up at all, they must have an option of live support. Instant help will get more conversions. Been thinking of it for long? Make it real now! dotdigital Chat, a Magento Commerce default offering, is a smart, customizable widget that makes it easy for shoppers to communicate in real time with members of your team. You can use the Chat widget to answer product questions and reduce calls to customer support.