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8 Key SEO factors you cannot skip in 2018

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 11 Sep 2018

Search Engine optimization has been the femur for a website’s efficiency over a long time and it still is. Each time a new algorithm is rolled out by Google, there are hundreds of blogs churned about how to get your website compatible with the same. From striving to get the ranking on page 1 we have now come to point where we need point 0 which is the result snippet that is thrown to search queries by Google.

We are making things simple here, by shortlisting 10 key factors to take care of in 2018.

Provide a Great Content Experience

This is where it all begins. Like Adam and eve, the internet era started with the portal and the content in it. Focus on delivering a content which is applicable to your target audience. Ensure the reader has the urge to engage with the content by sharing or commenting.

But it just doesn’t stop there. What matters is the experience delivered while the user reads the content. Clear fonts, fast loading of images and videos, easy navigation through the content etc. will take the overall experience to the next level.

Check Your Mobile-Friendliness

8 Key SEO factors you cannot skip in 2018

People today are on the go. We live in a multi-screen world where the user comes across a minimum of 20 different screens in a day. Though 20 sounds too much ensure you are available via Desktop, Tablet and mobile. The last Black Friday witness more than 50% of orders being placed via mobile.

Keyword usage

Say Hi! To our old friend. KEYWORDS! I hope you had read enough already on this topic. Similar to a good content, having proper keywords with adequate density can work wonders for you. Generally for Google to crawl your keywords, they should be present as anchor links, H1 Tags, characters in bold and even your page title tag.

You can rely on popular tools such as Google Trends, Keyword planner etc. Don’t ignore using long tail keywords. For example Drupal Developer can also be Drupal developer in Chicago. This helps you target a more relevant audience. You can take the help of tools like Uber suggest, Soolve for the same.

Optimize Site Loading Time

Nobody has the patience to wait today. Have you ever noticed, your parents are ready to wait for the metro to save few bucks and Gen Y or Gen Z will take a cab, spend some extra bucks just to save time! That is how your audience roll. They value time.

Have the images in your site optimized (less than 100KB), clear all unwanted codes and modules, plan for a good site architecture. I suggest you start adapting to the new technologies such as AMP and PWA to give a smooth and faster web experience, else you could be left behind.

Consider Using AMP

8 Key SEO factors you cannot skip in 2018

We have mentioned AMP earlier too if you have missed it. AMP was released by Google and it stands for Accelerated Mobile pages. Released in 2015, this technology allows pages enabled with AMP to load in less than a second. Yes you read it right! Google ranks AMP pages higher in the search results too.

It is easy and simple, so get the experts on work soon since nobody wants to miss such a feature. Just to inform, we have gone a step further with AMP implementing the page not just for the technology, but for an entire e-commerce site. This means the whole ecommerce site will load in less than a second.

A Secure Connection

The World is pretty noisy since they heard the Social Media giant’s data regulations had led to a chaos in the US elections. One can be sure the knowledge of people with respect to data privacy and security has just increased by a significant percentile over the past one week or so.

In a scenario like this, if your site is not secure don’t be surprised about people failing to enter their details in the web forms via your http site. Get that SSL certificate today and monitor your site continuously for security breaches. Keep all security patches whenever your CMS provider is releasing one.

Site Architecture

8 Key SEO factors you cannot skip in 2018

Having a great site architecture is quite simple. Well, it is surely simple to say it rather than implementing it. But the point is if it is easy for the search engine and the user to crawl through your entire site, Congratulations! Your Site has a great architecture.

The obvious question here is how do I know whether my current site can be easily crawled or not?! From your home page calculate the number of clicks it takes to land on the deepest page of your website. If it is 3 clicks, it is great 4 it is good; anything above 5 it needs some work.

Have a Strong Call to Action

As said above, the whole idea of a better SEO is to gain better conversion. A prominent Call to Action is pivotal in achieving our goal. Play around the message it carries, and do A/B testing with the same. For example “Download the EBook” and “DOWNLOAD NOW!” Can cause a huge impact than you can possibly imagine.

There you go, you have the checklist in your hand to run an SEO check on your website. While these are the preliminary factors there are much more to add such as adding Canonical tags, Alt tags with the images, making your Website Accessibility compliant etc.

If you need an SEO audit for your website, we are doing it for Free. For a limited time though. This audit report will carry your site’s current SEO performance based on more than 20 different factors and our recommendations to improve the same. Write to us here and we will get back to you on the same.