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AI Computer-vision Delivers New Potential

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 11 Sep 2018

Gartner says - Virtual assistants, immersive experiences and robots will transform how employees interact in a digital workplace, driving increased productivity and efficiency. Leverage these technologies to create effective and engaging user experiences in the future digital workplace.


Improving and personalizing consumer experience is at the forefront of leading commerce strategies. Advanced AI-technologies and computer-vision based platforms are transforming how businesses operate in the expanding digital marketplace. Artificial intelligence that enables computers to “see” the consumer world is bringing new techniques, challenges, and opportunities to everyone from online retailers to vertical B2B companies.


Computer vision is the latest iteration of interactive functionalities that allow businesses to capture and process real-world information to increase business performance. The equivalent of a visual chatbot, the emerging technologies that business developers rely on for enhanced consumer experiences demand professional attention and experience.Partnering with an established and knowledgeable specialist that can assess and analyze business needs and system performance ensures that your business’s latest tech rollout is a success.


Using technologies like chatbots and computer-vision-enabled AI has the potential to increase business value and improve brand recognition. In addition to customer service issues, implementing the latest technologies allows businesses to remain competitive in an ever-expanding marketplace where digital presence, operations, fulfillment, and ROI are key elements for success.

Detailed Input Creates Functional Data

Businesses have always relied on data and customer feedback for improved marketing, sales, and product management. Computer vision is the newest version of data input that captures internal company data (monitoring shelving, stock, and delivery processes) and external consumer data (via facial recognition and analysis) to combine for AI-enhanced management.


Artificial intelligence is having an increasing impact on traditional retailers that are trying to maintain competitiveness in the overwhelming digital marketplace. Managers are more aware than ever of the value that AI plays in providing consumers with an interactive, effective, and rewarding experience. In addition to increased convenience, some consumer also enjoys the novelty factor that accompanies new technology rollouts. A simple upgrade in technology can by itself generate new business opportunities.

On the data side, computer vision provides another mechanism for monitoring and analyzing various aspects of business operations. With increased data collection, businesses are realizing improved management that translates to swift actionable solutions to both common problems and sudden disruptions in both merchandise and service.