Aim Effective Customer Retention with Salesforce

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 29 Apr 2022

“Customer Retention is a mixture of art and science. Art of building a relationship. Science of customer communication.” - Raphael Ventura

It’s a fact that acquiring customers takes time. It’s also a fact that acquiring customers takes more than just money. There’s money involved and the resources you utilize. When you’ve finally achieved this, a truth may dawn that you have still not considered any of the customer retention strategies. Acquiring customers is only half the battle won, you should also have a well-established customer retention strategy to hold on to.

You can apply the following Salesforce customer retention practices to gain customer loyalty for your brand. As per a research, via boosting retention by only 5%, you can increase your brand’s profit by 25% to 95%.

Personalized Customer Communications

Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows users to tailor emails, landing pages, forms and lots more! For example, to give it a personalized touch, the name of the customer can be stated in the message body or subject line of the email . The data collected of the user can become a source for personalization or even the data that has been gathered from similar audiences. This is a great technique to target customers and make them feel as if the email was designed specifically for them. Furthermore, you can tailor the content of the email to the customer's specific needs and interests. Personalized emails deliver six times higher transaction rates. Also, an impersonal email will impel 52% of customers to switch to some other page.

Centralized Database

Salesforce features a centralized database to make data accessible and decision-making seamlessly simple for users. You can eliminate concerns about data inaccuracy and verification by combining all data in one single place. All the time and effort that would have been spent on data administration can now be spent on improving your customers' user experience and customer engagement and retention strategies. Boost your customer loyalty now!

Utilize AI-Powered Insights and Reports

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools are useful for solving problems, collecting data, and putting pertinent information together to create essential customer insights. AI can also be used to segment and target audiences, allowing businesses to determine which customers are the most valuable. This information may then be used to reach out to those individuals in a more personal and effective manner, sending appropriate offers at a suitable time and through a reliable channel. You can also tackle problems before they occur with the use of AI-driven insights! Your service agents now have fast access to important data, as well as the ability to move issues to the best-suited employees, thanks to AI-powered tools.

Useful Tools for Customer Service Integration

Customer retention is usually handled by a dedicated team in most businesses. Such users can readily access customer enquiries, requests, and complaints by integrating relevant apps or deploying technologies like cloud service of Salesforce. There are several other aspects of the Salesforce platform that can be leveraged for effective customer retention.

For Engagement in Social Media

With the help of Salesforce, a customer’s behavior can be studied via social media platforms based on what they 'like' and 'follow.' You can also keep them up to date on your company's latest offerings, such as special deals, discounts, sales, new product releases, and so on. Connecting with your customers on social media adds a human element to your relationship. If you are easy to find and good at what you do, customers will follow your page for the latest updates. This is almost necessary for customer retention.