Aiming Drupal 9 Upgrade or Migration? Here are the Frequently Asked Questions You May Have in Your Mind

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 26 May 2022

In Drupal 9, what are the latest updates?

Drupal 9 is a powerhouse of innovation that has undergone the simplest update in Drupal's history. In reality, Drupal 9 has many of the same new features as Drupal 8.9. Drupal 9.1, however, will continue to gain new features biannually (every six months) in order to keep businesses up to date. Opt for a Drupal 9 upgrade with us now!

What does Drupal 9 stand for?

Drupal 9 is the aggregate of all of the features introduced in Drupal 8, but with a leaner and cleaner codebase.

Mention the system requirements for Drupal 9.

These are the system requirements if you are wanting Drupal 9 upgrade:

  • If you want to run Drupal 9 on Apache, you'll need at least version 2.4.7 of the software.
  • Drupal 9 has a PHP 7.3 minimum need. PHP 7.4 can also be used, but it isn't essential.
  • Despite the fact that Drush is not required by Drupal core, many people use it. However, Drush will only support Drupal 9 compatibility in Drush 10 for the time being.

Aside from these, there are other requirements, such as:

  • If you're using Drupal 9 with MySQL or Percona, you'll need version 5.7.8 or higher.
  • If you're running Drupal 9 with MariaDB, you'll need version 10.3.7 or higher.
  • If you're using Drupal 9 with SQLite, you'll need version 3.26 or higher.
  • If you're using Drupal 9 with PostgreSQL, you'll need version 10 and the pg trgm extension.

Is Drupal 9 as user-friendly as its predecessors?

Absolutely! Drupal improves with every new release.

Does Drupal 9 support multilingual features?

Drupal 9 has multiple robust multilingual functionalities that people can potentially use. Drupal offers 100+ language options and includes four core modules dedicated to language and translation support. The supported languages list also includes languages with right-to-left text direction. Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Farsi, and Urdu are among the default languages.

Is Drupal appropriate for my digital/business needs?

Drupal is a great platform if you want to provide your users with the best digital experiences possible – it comes with capabilities like reusable content, multi-channel publication, and customization. Choose Drupal 9 migration with no second thoughts.

Which Drupal 9 modules are no longer supported?

In Drupal 9, the Place Blocks and SimpleTest modules were removed from the core.

How to Upgrade to Drupal 9?

We can help you! Ameex is a 3-time Acquia Engage Award winner for building innovative digital experiences solutions for leading brands on Drupal. We have successfully migrated hundreds of websites to Drupal and helped companies of all sizes and shapes to upgrade to the latest version of the CMS. Contact us and we will help you with Drupal 9 upgrade!