Benefits of Cloud Data Warehouse for Your Enterprise

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 28 Jun 2022

Are you already running with limited resources as a businessperson? Storing data is a basic need of your organization and working with limited resources can become a further hurdle for your business' success. Cloud Data Warehouse proves to be a savior. Countless enterprises depend on it. In fact, as per a website, over 100 zettabytes of data will be saved in the cloud by 2025. Before we jump into the advantages of cloud data warehouses, let us successfully define it .

What is Cloud Data Warehouse?

A system for gathering and managing data is called a data warehouse. It gives an organization the ability to examine data from numerous sources, improving business intelligence. Since their inception, data warehouses have continued to evolve with the emerging needs of the business landscape. With increased global digitization, organizations have immense amounts of data to analyze round the clock.

A Cloud Data Warehouse (cloud DWH) system makes it possible to collect, store, retrieve, and analyze data on the cloud. This has a myriad of benefits. For one, it does away with the need for hardware, server rooms, and dedicated IT teams to maintain these physical systems within an organization

Benefits of Cloud Data Warehouse for Your Business

There are several benefits of operating on a Cloud Data Warehouse. Some of them are as follows:

Accessibility and Security

Cloud Data Warehouses are easily accessible from any location in the world. Modern data warehouses also run control measures to guarantee that the information needed for business intelligence is only accessible to the officially-assigned employees. Interestingly, modern data warehouses retain data integrity so that enterprises never have to worry about compromising their data quality for accessibility, even though numerous employees may be using the data warehouse at the same time. On-site data warehouses have always been seen as being more secure than cloud data warehouses. However, businesses are starting to understand that cloud data is actually more secure and less expensive to manage. It can be challenging to identify and monitor data flow because on-premises data can reside in several distinct places. Cloud data is not spread across various places. Specific rules to protect data can be easily built and improved by cloud security engineers.

Elasticity and Scalability

All modern enterprises should take into account the great capabilities of Cloud Data Warehouses. The contemporary data warehouses' cloud design enables businesses to adjust resource allocation in response to shifting demands. Enterprises with varying needs can opt for a Cloud Data Warehouse as per their choice and only pay for the tools that they truly need. Some of the known ones are Snowflake Data Warehouse and Google Data Warehouse. This is impossible for on-premises data warehouses that occupy physical space. Want to migrate to a cloud-based data warehouse in the best way possible all by yourself. Here are few tips! Better option? Contact Ameex and let us provide you our expertise.

Rapid Deployment

In the past, IT teams had to project—sometimes three years in advance—how much storage and compute power would be required for their line of business teams. Inaccurate information would force them to purchase hardware they did not need or expose them to criticism if there was not enough storage. This intricate, thorough planning and estimation procedure is no longer required. Business users can create their own data warehouse, data mart, or sandbox using the cloud in just a few minutes, whenever they want (night or day). Organizations can pay for only the resources they use—when they need them—by using a cloud-based data warehouse.


It is convenient and affordable to use a Cloud Data Warehouse. As mentioned earlier, in the olden days, IT teams would end up spending large sums of money for buying storage space. Today, thanks to the cloud system, organizations can expand their storage capacity. As a result, they can easily scale their data warehouse with no inhibitions. No advance planning, procurement, or space because the cloud-native version can be fully managed.

Enhances Recovery After Disaster

Most of these problems are minimized by using a modern Cloud Data Warehouse. To ensure that your company does not suffer in the event of a disaster, Cloud Data Warehouses periodically maintain backup copies of the data. Businesses that use Cloud Data Warehouses for analytics do not even need to worry about investing in hardware. To ensure that the business continuity solution takes place, all they must do is change their subscription plan.

Contact Ameex for deriving maximum benefits from a Cloud Data Warehouse. We can help you in everything you can possibly aim for!