Why your Brand needs Personalization?

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 05 Sep 2019

According to McKinsey personalization can reduce cost by much as 50 % and a research by New Epsilon indicates 80 % consumers are likely to purchase when brands offer personalized experience. Gone are the days when basic personalization was enough to attract customers. Initially personalization was all about including the first name and last name through mass email campaigns, it all changed in early 2000’s when amazon used personalization to display recommendations in the home page. Now brands like amazon, Netflix, Facebook amongst the others focus a lot on personalization. In this blog we will learn about personalization, why personalization? Challenges faced by organizations to implement personalization and Tips to effectively use personalization.

Personalization Facts

  • 35 % of Amazon consumer purchase come from personalized recommendation according to McKinsey
  • 75 % of what Netflix viewers watch comes from their recommendation algorithm
  • Personalized call to action results in 202% better conversion rate than call to action that are same for all visitors
  • According to Accenture strategy report 33% of customers who abandon business due to lack of personalization

Why personalization?

Personalization is about delivering the right message at the right time to the right person by leveraging the power of data and technology.

Various reasons why brands should focus on Personalization

1.The conversion rates

For a marketing campaign to be successful it must address the needs of the customers. Personalized mailings have 29 % higher open rate and 41 % higher unique click rates compared to non-personalized email campaign. For any marketing campaigns to be successful it should address the pain point of the customer and the behavioral aspects.

2.The customer life time value

Personalization should not be limited only towards email campaign measurement; personalization is more about how we use the data to increase the long-term revenue by increasing the customer life time value and reducing the churn rate. Effective use of data across all marketing channels, right from selecting the channels to targeting what message should be displayed for individual customer brings in relevant traffic.

3. Revenue

As per McKinsey personalization increases the revenue by 5 to 15 percent and increases the efficiency of marketing spend by 10 – 30 percent. When customer experience on the brand is good, it will have a positive impact on the brand, which will increase the revenue and brand loyalty.

Challenges for Implementing Personalization

A study by Adobe states that 60% of marketers struggle to personalize the content, still 77% of respondents believe it is crucial.

Big brands are leveraging the power of personalization but still the mid-size and small sized companies are not able to take complete control of personalization.

Various reasons why companies are not able to leverage personalization

  1. Unable to Collect structured data/Sanitize data
  2. Getting the right person onboard
  3. Training & development
  4. Predicting ROI
  5. Investment

Tips to effectively use personalization

  1. Avoid Mass targeting - Mass targeting won't work anymore, in order to yield benefits, you need to grind down to user level based on their interest, location, where they spend time, the purchase behavior of the user.
  2. Maximize data- Leveraging data is the key to success. If you are running a campaign use data to study the audience and then based on that target the audience.
  3. Prefer experience- When you are hiring prefer experienced candidates who has already done it, that will save a lot of time and money.
  4. Provide value to the customer- Using data alone will not make your personalization a success, you need to provide value to the customer.


Data is the new oil for all the marketing campaigns, customers are no longer interested in mass campaigns, personalization is the way to move forward. Write to us at to know more on how we help you in digital analytics and personalization or visit Ameex