Brand Performance Optimization in Pharma

Brand Performance Optimization in Pharma

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 30 Sep 2020

The prevailing competitive age has compelled health care and pharma enterprises to rely more on digital analytics, especially to cultivate and promote their brand. Today’s digital analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities provide 24X7 vigilance of health care and pharma data. This coupled with data agility render a clear-cut road map for pharma and health care enterprises to strongly position and maintain their brand.

The current scientific advancements in health care and drug research provide numerous diagnostic and patient care options for an ailment state. This scenario has forced pharma enterprises to rapidly build strategies that can quickly grow their product or service brand. Such vigorous brand promotion stints are necessitated to reach out to more patients.

Branding optimization trends and need for analytics and AI in pharma

There are numerous health care and pharma enterprises who possess the exact treatment methodologies and drugs for the precise health condition of patients. However, where they fail is:

  • To have not adequately reached out to target patients who exactly need such products and services
  • They have also tended to sideline processing of numerous parameters and in-market trends of patients based on which they select a treatment method
    • Treatment continuity trend of patients
    • State of health
    • Disease type and nature
    • Treatment technique
    • Side effects on patients pertaining to treatment
    • Safety methods adopted
    • Occurrence of allied comorbidities of a disease in a patient
    • Allergic reactions in patients for drugs and its concomitants

Hence it has become mandatory for health care and pharma enterprises to deploy tech-savvy analytics and AI methods to optimally reach out to patients and build their product / service brands.

It has become mandatory for health care and pharma enterprises to tap the robust potentials of digital analytics and AI tools. These tools can be used to optimally build their product/service brand, convincingly based on selection trends of patients, and reach out to them more quickly and effectively. Such digital and AI based brand building have numerous advantages, some of which are:

  • Insight into exact time of product/service portfolio expansion
  • Effective patient touch base usage of CX tools etc
  • Timely Know-how of Novel or alternative, effective therapies
  • Adoption of pharma / health care products information
  • Information on prescription trends of medical practitioners
  • Availability of Insurance coverage

Using AI and Digital Analytics for Optimal Pharma Brand Building

The current market offers cutting-edge digital solutions to aid global bio science an pharma enterprises for brand optimization and critical decision making. Most of them, based on Cloud platform additionally provide an anytime-anywhere access for key decision makers’ convenience.

These advanced digital analytics and AI tools offer instant key marketing decision making capabilities such as spotting target markets, optimizing sequences, seamless engagements of associates and reps with Medical Practitioners and HCPs, perfectly aligning product and services across marketing channels.

Highpoints and Benefits of Analytics, AI and ML in Pharma

  • Ability to rank and prioritize on brands dynamically

Traditionally, medical and health care reps deal with and promote multiple, complex pharma products.  This often results in a rather haphazard promotional stint. However, with modern analytics and AI tools reps can be provided with instant insights on unfinished goals precise customer/HCP targeting. Reports to reps are presented in such a way that the vital recommendation can be listed first, and the rest subsequently and sequentially. This enables reps to focus first on the most likely turnaround targets for effective productivity.

  • Reorganized target segmentation and allocation for reps

Modern Analytics and AI tools possess the dynamic capability to segment the targets based on strategic organizational goals as well as resource/rep capacity. Further, these target allocations can also be adjusted through digital tools, such as monthly or quarterly revises, based on dynamic market changes.

  • Emulating suggestions to through digital Simulators:

One of the best analytical discoveries of the digital age are the Simulation tools for formulating and implementing branding strategies across pharma and health care Enterprises. No sooner is any adjustment made to strategic branding by Managers, its bearing and impact on the ideas and insights provided to reps is immediately showcased as dashboard reports.

  • Seamless engagement modules for Reps

Today’s analytics and Machine Learning tools are equipped to forecast optimal channels available for reps.  According to these metrics forecast, everyday target recommendations can be provided to reps to produce optimal productivity. Such AI and ML tools provide the most precise suggestions to the reps at the right time, bringing out better, insightful rep engagements

  • Leveraging on Machine Learning to predict physician’s responses

Highly advantageous ML tools optimize on the historical data of messages sent to physicians. These ML tools possess forecasting capabilities about the expected answers from Medical Practitioners, by processing their historical messages data.

  • Medical suggestion and acceptance parameter-based reports:

One of the best offerings of modern digital tools is that of a novel report processing method. This method of reporting clearly showcases to Brand Managers, the most frequently provided medical suggestions by physicians and how well they are accepted or rejected. Based on these trends Brand Managers and their teams can plan and strategize their branding priorities to aspects that will be most market viable.

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