Great Follow-up Emails for Magento Store Owners to Re-engage with Customers

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 28 Apr 2022

Magento store owners, like most store owners, have a hard time retaining customers. First-time purchasers may not return as they have been distracted by some other competitor online. Emailing is a great technique to get hold of their attention once again. As per this report, a 5% boost in customer retention can lead to 25%-95% higher profits.

Customer engagement is vital for your business and knowing how to intelligently interact with your customers will help you gain attention from them at each turn in the customer's journey. Being opportunistic, you can send emails at different stages. Here are some great follow-up emails for Magento store owners.

You are Welcome to...

The first message you send to a new website visitor is the welcome email. There will be two types of welcome emails based on customer registration actions. First is the set of subscribers to your newsletter. Second, can be the people who sign up for a customer account on your website. After registration, the email must be sent within 10-15 minutes. Convey company information and offer them appealing incentives for their first purchase. As per a survey, 41% of brands don’t send a welcome email within the first 48 hours after a subscriber has joined.

Online Reviews

Authentic reviews help businesses gain client trust and positively impact their Google search ranking. Shortly after a shopper makes a purchase, with Magento you have the capability to prompt customers for an online review. One message requesting a review may not be sufficient, and the consumer may not notice it. If a consumer does not leave a review after receiving the first message, you can set up a personalized automatic email series. According to a website, potential buyers are willing to spend an extra 31% on a business with excellent reviews.

We Are Missing You

This type of email is to remind clients about your online ecommerce store and entice them to return to make a purchase. Generally, consumers tend to forget about the business they have interacted with and move on to a new one. Reminding old customers about your store on a periodical basis is a good idea. Be at the ‘top of the mind recall’ of your customers. By sending a personalized email with enticing offers, you may encourage customers to return to your store.

Abandoned Cart

Customers end up abandoning their cart very often. Statistically, more than 75% of people abandon their shopping carts online. To re-engage with a customer, you can send them a message on their email inbox. It’s an efficient way of reminding buyers to finish their purchase. 45% of all cart abandonment emails are opened. Half of those clicks lead to a recovered purchase back on the site.

Order Status Updates

You should send order status updates to your customers. Also, any changes to the shopper's order should be communicated to them. Send them emails with the most up-to-date information. For orders that are currently being processed, you can add a template on your email that lists cross-sell products. Your customers may be interested in buying them too. Cross-selling can increase sales by 20% and increase profits by 30%.

Birthday Wish

The goal of a birthday email is to increase client sympathy, strengthen loyalty, and encourage shopping. On their birthday, everyone wishes to get a surprise greeting. So, make the most of this special day by reminding your consumers how essential they are to your business and encouraging them to shop. Instead of a tiny gift, you may send them some large promos exclusively for them, together with your wishes. People do, in fact, tend to spend more on their birthdays.

Magento offers several features that make it apt for your customers. Leverage Magento capabilities for improved online e-commerce store experience. Contact us right away!