Growing Your Customer Base in an Effective Way

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 28 Mar 2022

Definition of Customer Base:

Customer base is a bunch of individuals who visit your website frequently to buy or utilize your organization’s products/services.

Do you want to grow your customer base? If you are an entrepreneur you may have just started thinking about it but if you are a decade-old businessperson, you already know that getting new customers for your organization can be a challenge. To help you overcome this, we present you some methods for growing your customer base in an effective way:

Know Who Your Customer Is

Many businesses have lost touch with who their customers are. In fact, getting to know your customers on a deeper level is one of the most difficult tasks your marketing team can face. Knowing your customer entails looking into their demographics, such as their spending capacity, age, and even their preferences. Customers adapt and evolve, so it is critical to stay connected with them. Speak and chat with them periodically. Identify your strengths and what you can improve for the future. They will appreciate your attention in return.

Personalize Your Interactions

Go to networking events to meet potential customers who can help you with new opportunities. Acquire their contact information, and make sure you keep in touch with them. Follow up with your customers after sales to ask for feedback and to thank them for their business. Feedback aids you to understand your clients' demands, which can assist you to improve your customer service and help you stand out among the competition.

Videos for Better Customer Outreach

In recent years, video content has grown in popularity. Because most consumers prefer not to watch long promotions owing to the overwhelming volume of content being shared in the form of gifs, and whiteboard films. They have been employed to create fascinating and customer-centric content. As per a recent survey, 83% of the total respondents choose videos over instructional/informational content in textual format. Use videos for better customer outreach.

Follow Customer Journey

A customer journey is a narrative about getting to know your users, how they act on your website, and what you can do to improve their experience, so they return for repeated purchases. Analysis of user activity via a customer journey map allows you to focus solely on the customers. You can anticipate the behaviour of future customers and figure out room for improvement, thereby making each step of the buying process simpler for them.

Display Valuable Offers

Offer attractive discounts, deals and coupons to boost revenue and increase your consumer base. You can give percentage-based discounts, free shipping, prelaunch offers, holiday offers, weekly/monthly offers, abandon cart offers, social media offers, newsletter subscription offers, first-time discount offers as well as personalized offers. As per a survey, 79% of respondents asserted that they will engage with an offer only if it has been personalized as per their previous interactions.

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