How to Decrease Bounce Rate? 5 Easy and Proven Methods for Your Site!

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 22 Feb 2022

Bounce rate, mostly indicated in percentage, is the total number of visitors who browse away from your page without taking any action. This means that no engagement (purchases, downloads etc.) has taken place successfully. This is a bad sign! Your goal is to reduce the bounce rate. Organizations know this and target it day and night. They know that if a visitor has left their site and gone to a competitor’s site to shell out money, your organization has lost some revenue, maybe even a substantial one.

How to reduce bounce rates? Here are 5 easy and proven methods of doing so.

  • Add Videos

Yes, your visitors are more interested in videos than a static message or design. A video combines visual imagery, sound, special effects, and text headings to provide potential consumers with a more complete picture of the concepts you're trying to convey. According to a survey, by publishing a video on a landing page, you can boost conversion by 86%. Another study suggests that 69% of people opt for video over text when wanting to gain knowledge about a product or service.

  • Integrate a Search Bar

When you have visitors on your site, they’re mostly searching for something they intend to buy or subscribe. Integrating a search bar that is easily visible and displays relevant results is incredibly important. 43% of visitors on retail websites go directly to the search bar and visitors who use search are 2.4 times more likely to buy a product/service. Build a dynamic search bar whose size increases to a comfortable level as the visitor starts typing in it. Still wondering how to decrease bounce rate further?

  • Minimize Load Time

The attention span of people has diminished significantly over the decades. Everything is momentary today. If your site takes time to load, your visitor will simply switch to a different site. 1 in 4 visitors will leave a site if it takes over 4 seconds to load. 46% of visitors will never visit a site again that is below average in performance. 1-second lag scales down customer satisfaction by 16%. A site that loads quickly has lower bounce rates, and ranks higher on search engine result pages.

  • Consider Internal Links

An impeccable internal linking strategy can reduce bounce rates phenomenally. Internal links are a great technique to sustain traffic on your site. Nevertheless, be careful when you execute the internal linking process. Do not make the mistake of adding links to every word. Choose the relevant words and link topics related to the topic in hand. Over 60% of businesses outsource link building efforts to agencies. Contact us right away to help you optimize! Ameex knows how to reduce bounce rates successfully!

  • Display Exclusive Offers

When you’re providing offers on your site, your visitor is naturally enticed! The visitor may click on the offer to avail it and eventually turn into a regular customer. You can choose ‘countdown timer’ format for creating a sense of urgency for potential leads. Remember a personalized offer will grab more attention, so target that. As per a research, 79% of visitors believe they are more likely to act on an offer if it has been personalized based on past interactions of the visitor with the brand.

Now you know how to reduce the bounce rate of website. We recently helped our client decrease their site’s bounce rate by 37%. Want your site to be this good? Connect with us and let us aid you in reaching your digital goals.