How to Optimize Your Shopify Store for More Conversions

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 01 Aug 2022

Simply starting an online store does not guarantee a brand’s success. Several other factors are at play. To begin with, you will have to reach different milestones for your brand to become a renowned entity. One of the most crucial jobs is to increase the online exposure of your Shopify store. How do you go about it? Here are some tips for attracting new clients who will opt for you rather than your competitors.

Become Findable

The Internet has evolved into a major trading hub. As a result, there is fierce rivalry, and customers are becoming increasingly picky. Many of them now buy things based on suggestions from friends – or reviews published by other users who have already purchased the product. As a result, expert SEO is essential in ensuring that potential buyers can find your online store via search engines. This is a lot more profitable marketing method than spending money on pricey advertisements that may or may not provide the intended results.

Link Building

This is a terrific method for conversion optimization, which improves your website's or online store's reputation. Link Building is also known as double SEO because it allows you to create backlinks to your website from other websites. For instance, you may conduct an exclusive interview with a celebrity who uses some of the products available in your online store. You can derive referral traffic from this exercise. Since individuals click on such links voluntarily, they’re more targeted and are less likely to leave the page soon.

Highlighting Product's Advantages

People typically purchase things that can solve their concerns. As a result, it's critical to emphasize your products’ benefits and differentiating characteristics. Don't fall into the trap of copying and pasting the product descriptions provided by a third-party. Essentially, a product page is an excellent place to use targeted keywords to emphasize why shoppers should buy that specific product and thereby achieve conversion optimization.

User Experience Customization

Personalization may be the key to your solutions. We know as a conversion optimization agency, the conversion rate can be considerably affected by personalization alone. Around 45 to 50% of buyers want an e-commerce store to meet their needs and make relevant recommendations. Sales increase by 15% to 20% when e-commerce stores provide personalized shopping experiences. If you truly want to capitalize on personalization, data science technology is the most efficient way to do it.

Images and Themes

You can save a huge load of data by optimizing photographs before uploading them, which will result in a faster store. You can even cut down on the quantity of high-resolution photographs you use. They are available in a variety of stores on the internet but consider whether you require them. You can, at the very least, cut down on the number of slides you present. The speed of your Shopify store is heavily influenced by the theme you use. Before you install a theme, run the preview page with Google Page speed Insight to see what issues the tool finds.

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