Why personalization is a true team-sport?

Why personalization is a true team-sport?

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 07 Jan 2021

In this highly connected environment, we witness personalized experiences every-day. Amazon, NetFlix, Spotify – are doing extremely well in delivering deeply personalized experiences that increase interactions, build relationships, and activate customers to convert. Customers too start expecting personalized experiences from companies irrespective of the size or shape. Majority of the brands are aware of the revenue growth generated by implementing personalization strategies and focus on improving it.

However, the Seismic-commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting found that only one in five organizations are effective at personalizing content at-scale.

So, how can brands implement deep personalization?

Craft the right strategy – Deep personalization begins with defining and segmenting your audiences well and deliver the right content throughout their journey. To achieve it successfully, brands need to conduct an extensive discovery process to understand user behavior, build persona examples, and automate showcasing apt content that gets their attention and interaction. It is found 78% of consumers believe personally relevant content increases their purchase intent (Source: Marketing Insider Group).

Practice data-driven approach – To make personalization truly work, data gathering should not be restricted just to the name, email, geolocation, demographics but also include your customers’ lifestyle, online purchases, behaviors, and more (following the privacy and compliance guidelines). From the first touchpoint to every interaction across channels, you should be able to gather quality and reliable data to understand your customer behavior and deliver more compelling content.

Map content with user journey – By leveraging CDPs (Customer Data Platforms), you can combine all your customer data to get a single view of your customer and map out relevant content as they move down the funnel. For example, if an e-commerce site selling baby products might see that the user had viewed clothes in the earlier visit and later visited strollers, nursery kit, etc. It indicates the user might be interested to see more products like that in their future visit. Hence, content mapping will help you plan your content creation and distribution.

Deliver personalized experience at all channels – As the number of touchpoints increases every-day with every new device and communication channel, it is important to deliver a unified and connected experience across all channels to engage your target audience better. With effective omnichannel personalization, your customers should be able to get the same experience even if they jump from one channel to another.

Engage entire organization – To achieve deep personalization, the entire organization needs to be engaged. Every business division must be given awareness on how personalization strategies influence customers’ buying decisions and improve their lifecycle. True personalization requires good practices, cooperation throughout the organization, and must be considered as a team sport.

Implementing deep personalization strategies for the Epilepsy Foundation

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