Improving Sitecore Customer Experience for Better Conversions

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 25 May 2022

It’s not user experience. It is customer experience and getting it perfect with your CMS, in this case – Sitecore, is quite vital. There can be a 70% to 80% boost in revenue for your business. Sitecore is a world-renowned digital platform that firms rely on for meeting the needs of their customers.

Here are some helpful tips for improving Sitecore customer experience for better conversions:

Concentrate on Quality

When it comes to choosing a brand, 66% of buyers value personal experience over money. Focus on providing clients with material that builds emotional connections through value as you construct your customer experience. Authentic empathy is a fundamental component of successful content creation. Through your content, show your customers that your company understands their demands. Great quality content, not just volume-wise, is how you accomplish this. Look for ways to repurpose material to improve your current content strategy and generate increased ROI.

Identify Pain Points in Customer Journey

Avoid displaying irrelevant results. Such pain points ruin all your hard work by producing a negative perception of your brand – especially if your competition alleviates that frustration by providing a faster path to their solution. Identify and eliminate the pain points in your content strategy for a positive word of mouth from your customers.

Omnichannel Strategy

Building an omnichannel strategy is critical for organizations to gain valuable insights into consumer interactions and behaviours. The plan incorporates several sales, customer service, and marketing channels. Nearly all customers anticipate a smooth omnichannel experience across diverse communication channels. Customers long to have a pleasant engagement with your company. Offer them the same. Remove silos – be it an online or offline effort.

Use Sitecore Experience Analytics

Sitecore Experience Analytics' code may be extended to store nearly any type of data from a variety of channels and apps, making it a powerful and versatile tool. You don't have to collect data via third-party cookies. Page Analyzers provide you with easy-to-understand information about how your campaigns and marketing content are performing, so you can figure out how to best align your marketing dollars with your campaigns and which channels are most beneficial to your business.

Marketing Automation

Sitecore marketing automation is easy to use, with a drag-and-drop interface that allows marketers to create simple and complex end-to-end marketing campaigns. Marketers can quickly set their objectives and provide their clients with a customized Sitecore customer experience. The capacity to tailor content while a visitor is still 'in-session' and surfing the website is the most essential feature that has wowed marketers. You can now target your visitors for promotions and anticipate a conversion before they leave your website.

Allow us to build a great customer experience strategy if you are looking for reliable customer experience solutions. We are Ameex – Amazing Experiences.