Key Must-Know Chatbot Statistics for 2022

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 29 Sep 2022

A chatbot is a type of computer program that stimulates context-relevant discussions with online users. Companies, and some of them solely chatbot development companies, develop chatbots that serve as automated virtual assistants. They can message users on the brand’s official website, social media platforms, forums and other marketing channels. Chatbots that use Artificial Intelligence are becoming "smarter" with time.

Chatbot support implemented with artificial intelligence can converse in languages other than pre-written commands. They get knowledge by consuming large amounts of customer data, utilizing algorithms, and then using the outcomes to produce a response. With the expanding data, it adjusts its programming to provide pertinent responses.

If you’re still in two minds regarding implementing chatbot into your online store, here are some interesting statistics that may convince you.


Advantages of Chatbots

  • Easier and seamless live communication
  • Reduction of costs and time
  • Continuous improvement with machine learning over time
  • Reduced customer stress

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