Leveraging Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud Builders and Studios for Better Customer Relationships

Authored by by Abishek Balakumar, Sr Content Writer and Partner Marketer; Jude Ruphus Britto, Practise Lead - CRM & Marketing Automation on 06 Sep 2022

In our previous blog, “How Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps you Personalise Marketing at Scale”, we discussed the Digital Marketing Maturity Curve and how Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help solve your business challenges. Now, let’s dive into the Salesforce Marketing Cloud tools suite and see how each one can help drive your business growth.

A Suite of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Tools


Exploring Journey Builder in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

According to Boston Consulting Group (BCG), businesses with stellar personalisation strategies achieve improved marketing efficiency, higher digital sales, and long-lasting customer relationships. Their growth rates are expected to increase by 6% to 10%. So, how do you understand your customers and offer a hyper-personalised customer journey? Journey Builder. Journey Builder is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to drag and drop common marketing actions to uniquely personalise each customer journey. These personalised, multi-channel processes can be basic or complex, ranging from a simple purchase confirmation email to complex follow-ups and retargeting efforts to ensure customer loyalty.

There are three primary canvas elements in Journey Builder:

Entry source: Determines where your contacts come from (every journey must begin with an entry source). Data Extensions, API events, audiences, CloudPages, Salesforce data, and events are all possible entry sources.

Canvas activities: Message actions (email, SMS, push notifications or any other type of content to send to the customer), advertising actions (Ad Audience), decision points, updates, or a mix of these components are available to drive the customer journey until the customer achieves a goal or the journey’s endpoint.

Flow control activities: Outlines how your contacts will move through the journey, allows marketers to create logical IF, THEN flowcharts based on how they need to respond to each customer interaction or behaviour.

Marketers can list out each possible interaction and then map corresponding actions to each element and automate the execution of marketing actions based on customer behavior. They can create simple or detailed customer journeys, either segmented or one-to-one, with clarity on what to do in any situation.


Through Journey Builder you can:

  • Create journeys based on various specific goals (such as an abandoned cart, new customer opt-ins, etc.)
  • Interact at a personal level and help you align messages across marketing channels visually
  • Measure and Improve: Use automation to run tests and optimise the campaign

52% of consumers presume all brand offers or messaging to be personalised. (Salesforce). Journey Builder caters to all such essentials and provides a practical roadmap for customer acquisition and targeted marketing.

Audience Builder: Organise contact information - the Marketing Cloud people records. Access to demographic and behavioural data is provided and structured into segments - populations, events, and attribute groups such as abandoned carts.

Content Builder: Create templates for emails and landing pages with reusable and interactive content blocks.

Brand Builder: Customise the look and feel of your Marketing Cloud account by uploading your company logo and changing the default colour scheme to your own.

Marketing Cloud Studios

Email Studio: Build personalised emails (Content Builder), drag and drop, preview, test, and send. The key capabilities of Email Studio Builder include the following:

  1. Target your audience
  2. Create the best emails
  3. Automate Messages

Mobile Studio: Create, send, and track SMS (MobileConnect, GroupConnect). Send geo-location-based notifications (MobilePush), Bluetooth Beacons, in-app messaging, push notifications, and silent notifications. The following are Mobile Studio Builder’s key features:

  1. Easily create and send high-targeted messages
  2. Send relevant messages
  3. Increase app engagement
  4. Reach out to your audience at any time and from any location

Advertising Studio: Connect your CRM data to your online advertising. Use Google similar audiences and Facebook audience segments to find new prospects who behave like your high-value customers currently. Primary functions of Advertising Studio:

  1. Connect Channels
  2. Harness Customer Data
  3. Generate More Leads

Web Studio: Manage web experiences, such as landing pages and microsites. All web content, including forms and coupons, is organised via CloudPages and collects data to further customise web experiences.

Automation Studio: To create multi-step automated processes, create marketing automation and data management activities, and then add them to the Journey Builder canvas. Import files, file transfers, data extraction, SQL queries, filters, and scripts are a few examples of activities.

Datorama Reports: Users of Datorama Reports for Marketing Cloud can generate, view, and share an in-depth analysis of email data. Dashboards, pivot tables, and reports are all part of Datorama Reports:

  • Analyse data with built-in dashboards that display compiled Email data
  • View comparisons, trends, and patterns
  • Filter, sort, and summarise data
  • Share findings on a schedule

Marketing Cloud Product Diagram


The Salesforce Marketing Cloud has seen widespread adoption. The system’s ability to address marketers’ critical challenges in a hassle-free and transparent manner is key to its success. Knowing how each studio and builder works and how to use all of Marketing Cloud’s features to their fullest potential makes things easy.

With Marketing Cloud, you can benefit from:

  • Increased engagement
  • Improvement in customer retention
  • Unification of your messaging
  • A single, comprehensive view of customer data

We believe this blog post has given you a thorough grasp of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud and its opportunities. But the its advantages and unique features do not stop here. In fact, you will have a lot to learn and experiment with once you start with the platform. This is when you will need to partner with the right Salesforce consultancy to help you make the most of you Salesforce Marketing Cloud investment.

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