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Drupal Chatbots: An Effective Tool

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 11 Sep 2018

Chatbot development is among the highest-rated emerging technologies for business applications worldwide. According to recent surveys, over 80% of all businesses would like to implement chatbot technology by the year 2020. As chatbots increasingly mimic human customer service representatives in user interactions, their value to businesses increases.

Implementing AI-based chatbots in Drupal-based CMS platforms is essential to the new normal among businesses. Increasingly, consumers expect mobile access to conversational-based solutions and interactions. Making chatbots an effective technology is easier than ever with Drupal — with the right expertise, experience and skills, business can develop custom Drupal chat modules to fit any need.

As global markets edge closer to 2020 and self-imposed chatbot goals, finding the right technology partners to remain competitive is crucial for every business. As chatbots become the new norm in AI-based business services, Drupal is emerging as a front-runner for bot inclusion across many industries.

Push or Pull Chatbots: What’s the Difference?

For a wide-range of businesses, chatbots provide a cost-effective and goal-oriented service. However, using chatbots effectively depends on utilizing the right technology for the right application. As bot development advances, some companies are being left behind by the choices they make in the question between push and pull.

Once the most functional version of a bot, pull-bots rely on available information to generate the same kind of response that could be found across any other interface. They parrot human responses but cannot achieve independent solutions to customer questions and problems. According to one analyst, pull-bots are on their way out in terms of usefulness.

Instead, push-bots are quickly becoming the new standard that customers expect, and businesses strive to achieve. Instead of acting on behalf of the business, push-bots  provide a transformative function in which they assume the role of an agent of the customer. While pull-bots are information repeaters, push-bots are information gatherers that can use permissions and data to create solutions.

Which Industries Can’t Do Without Chatbots?

Certain industries are better suited to chatbot technology. Implementing chatbots is especially impactful for industries that rely on direct-to-consumer engagement.

Implementing Chatbot


Perhaps the most innovative application of a chatbot is the emerging ‘virtual concierge’ available at many high-end hotels. In the hospitality industry, success is dependent on exemplary customer service and accessibility. Travelers — both those for business and pleasure — demand a level of instantaneous service practically unrivaled by any other industry. Hotel chatbots acting as concierges have unlimited capacity to accomplish a broad range of guest requests.

Small Service Businesses

The misconception among chatbot developers and users is that the technology is only applicable to large corporations. However, successful chatbot scaling can provide the same benefits and functionality to small service-oriented businesses as it does to large corporations. There is tremendous opportunity for service-oriented professionals, and Drupal offers the scalability to enable chatbots in both small and large environments.

Banking and Finance

The technical nature of financial transactions makes chatbots a perfectly suited tool to the financial industry. From initiating transfers to finding branches and ATMs, chatbots provide a wide-variety of services.

Exceed Customer Expectations with Chatbots

No matter what the application or industry, Drupal 8 gives every business the ability to incorporate and scale chatbot technologies with their core CMS. The professionals at Ameex have the Drupal integration experience and skills to create the right modules for your organization’s website.