Why Containerization should be part of your Sitecore Development Strategy?

Why should Containerization be part of your Sitecore Development Strategy?

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 31 May 2021

There is a lot of hype around Sitecore 10 Containers and how it allows Sitecore development teams to move fast, deploy and manage applications efficiently. Containers aren’t new to the IT world, but it’s making a bigger impact in digital customer experience delivery today.

“By 2022, more than 75% of global organizations will be running containerized applications in production, up from less than 30% today.” - Gartner

In fact, some of our clients reached out to us if containerization strategy would be a right fit for their development teams? But it all depends on how your environment is set up. Containerization fits well if your organization is already using virtual machines (VMs). Organizations running on older infrastructures may not even meet the requirements for Docker.

How Sitecore Containers benefit Development and IT Ops Teams?

1. Onboard New Developers Faster to Sitecore Projects

This is great for global companies with multiple sites and agencies managing many client projects. With Docker Compose, you can get an instance up and running in a matter of minutes.

2. Less Overhead

Containers are lightweight and requires lesser system resources than VMs due to Operating system logically isolated from other applications

3. Component Portability

Containers are free of environmental limitations and applications can be deployed easily to multiple operating systems (Win, Mac OS, Linux, VMs, etc) which is a big deal for development and deployment teams

4. Scalability

Kubernetes support will allow you to allocate resources containers and frees up space to add new containers

What it means to business and marketing folks?

Marketing Agility

Faster developer set up times and seamless deployment flows means, your marketing and campaign teams can launch web pages, campaigns faster. 

Lowers Total Cost of Ownership

Developers can scale their applications and deploy resources much faster than traditional VMs and on cloud. Moreover, containers reduce infrastructure costs since there is no need launch a virtual machine for each application, allowing to support more applications on the same infrastructure.

Cloud agnostic, infrastructure agnostic

With containers, you get the flexibility to run your applications anywhere on any cloud, minimizing vendor lock-in.

Improved Security

Application isolation allows you to share resources to different teams or external agencies without any risks. For eg, teams working with outside development team for Sitecore projects can be shared with specific resources that they only need without providing information of your network. 

With Sitecore’s container support, developers can address issues of consistency, isolation, and reproducibility. Running a fully supported version of Sitecore is important as it means you’ll get security fixes, assistance from Sitecore with production incidents and upgrades, and even patches for product defects that are discovered.

If you are looking to upgrade to Sitecore 10 or have any specific questions to Sitecore Containers, please feel free to contact us.