Social Listening – How To Effectively Use It To Influence Brand

Social Listening – How To Effectively Use It To Influence Brand

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 05 Sep 2019

Social listening goes much beyond social media monitoring to collect all the relevant conversations in one place, analyze them and respond to the queries or complaint.

According to a global digital report 2019, the number of internet users is 4.38 Billion and the active social media users are 3.48 billion users, which demands brand to be active on social media. According to HubSpot, 81 % consumers trust the advice of family and friends before the purchase of the product and 80% of respondents say they stop doing business with a company due to its bad customer service, which shows the importance for brands to monitor and analyze what their audience are talking in social media.

For a long-time brands have been using social listening just for customer service, social listening is great tool for proactive customer service, but it can be used effectively for lead gen and brand awareness as well. In this blog, we will learn how social listening can be used effectively to influence brands.

How to use social listening effectively?

If social listening is used creatively it can impact the performance of your brand, many still use social media just for customer service but there is more than social media can impact your brands performance

Lead generation

In addition to the ad campaigns on social media, social listening can also be a source of lead generator if used effectively. So how do we do this? Search for specific keywords in your location and offer them special discounts, it would give a personalized feel, the audience might even be surprised with such offers and might turn into a customer. For example, you can search for the keywords like birthdays in your location and send them a birthday wish and offer them a special discount on your products. This will help in brand awareness and bring in new customers through a different channel.

Spy on competitor keywords

Monitoring your brand and replying to the comments and feedback to satisfy your customers is what many brands do, go one step further to spy on specific negative strings like bad, terrible in combination with your competitors name, you will be able to find some unsatisfied customers of your competitors complaining about the brand, reach out them and offer them solutions to their problems, analyze why are they not satisfied with the competitors product and explain them the benefits about your product.

Monitor influencers

The value influencers add to brands is immense, influencers have a set of audience following which brands should leverage and most of the influencers would be open for marketing partnerships. Find influencers in your niche and build partnerships with them so they will be able to share about your products and benefits to their followers.

Find similar audiences

Social listening tools can be used to find out similar audience who are researching for brands or suggestions regarding brands, Search for terms like recommendations, recommendations for product, also search for keywords like alternative in combination with your competitor names. This will give you the list of customers looking for products in your niche and customers looking for alternative brands, reach out to these customers with a specific message and offers to acquire the customer.

Social listening if used effectively can influence the brand by going beyond customer service to acquire new customers in a cost-effective manner. Write to us at to know more about how we have helped the brand in social listening. You can also visit