Test Drive Sitecore’s Powerful Authoring Tools

Test Drive Sitecore’s Powerful Authoring Tools

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 22 Oct 2018

Sitecore is a customer experience management company that can provide web content management and omnichannel marketing automation software. Sitecore's Experience Platform specializes particularly on content management and contextual marketing.

But while Sitecore is a powerful marketing platform, it, nevertheless, requires specialized and experienced staff to use it. Proper training, working with an experienced partner, and the necessary time to explore all of the platform's capabilities are strongly encouraged.

The most important takeaway here is that the Sitecore platform has plenty of capabilities and most marketers are only scratching the surface of what it can do. With this in mind, here's a short rundown of Sitecore's powerful authoring tools.

Content Management and Context Marketing

According to research, 91% of consumers are willing to switch brands if another one is offering better customer service. Likewise, 90% would make the switch if a brand promised one thing and delivered another. These type of statistics makes it reasonably obvious that a one-size-fits-all approach to customer service is quickly becoming obsolete in the 21st century. Today, people prefer to have access to engaging, relevant, and contextualized experiences.

It is what's known as context marketing and a way to engage with customers in the context of their past interactions with the brand. By taking into account various factors such as the time of day, past behavior, device used, purchase history, channel preference, and location, among others, Sitecore can simplify the management and delivery of contextualized content and provide a positive customer experience.

In other words, Sitecore's platform is perfectly capable of leveraging the right content and delivering it at the right time, exactly where the customer needs it the most.

Workflow and Publishing

With Sitecore, you can also streamline the workflow and publishing related to the web content in your organization.

A workflow is a series of predefined states that are representative of the procedures and processes required to create that content. These workflow states can correlate to the creation, review, and approval phases through which every content item needs to go through before it is published.

In other words, Sitecore's workflows enable you to have a much higher degree of control over the approval and publishing of content, making sure that only this type of material will become visible to your customers. 

To make content available on public channels, you can trigger the publishing operation, or you can set up automatic publishing via the workflow. You can also trigger various publishing operations on specific items such as those that have been last edited since the last publish. There is also the possibility to republish your entire Master database, among many other such functionalities. 

Vertical Scalability

The Sitecore Experience Platform offers the possibility of vertical scalability by dedicating an instance to a specific role such as Processing or Content Delivery. It can also scale out further if you commit multiple instances to a particular task. 

One advantage of vertical scaling is that you can upgrade specific components without having to update the entire environment. For instance, your collection database may need more storage space and more RAM to maintain system performance, while your content delivery server might need a faster CPU. You can, thus, scale vertically if you dedicate specific servers to specific roles while upgrading your hardware where needed. 

Vertical scaling is particularly useful for small and mid-sized organizations where their data requirements are not that high. 

When using Sitecore, the primary goal is to maximize the potential for conversations and customer engagement. By collaborating with an experienced Sitecore partner, your organization can deliver a sustainable customer growth like never before.