How Episerver is driving the shift from Transaction - Centered Commerce to Experience - Driven Commerce

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 17 Apr 2019

The whole concept of retail has undergone some significant transformations in recent times, particularly with the appearance of the digital environment in the retail industry. This change has driven higher consumers' expectations for more omnichannel, personalized, and engaging experiences, which is beyond the simple transaction. 

Today's e-commerce brands face the challenge of continually having to look for ways to revamp their business models as a means of remaining competitive and relevant on the market. And as it so happens, this requires a fair deal of experience-driven commerce. 

Statistics show that 92% of first-time website visitors to an e-commerce site do not intend to make a purchase. In most cases, this visit is only the first part of the buyer's journey where they browse, compare, and learn about different products. Those who are too focused on transactions will miss on many significant engagement opportunities that will help them guide the customer to take action. 

It is where both experience-driven commerce and Episerver come into play. 

What exactly is Experience-Driven commerce?

Experience-driven commerce makes use of every touchpoint that a brand has with its customers. It includes both the online and offline. Its purpose is to build product awareness, provide useful information at the right moment, and enables both decision-making and sales throughout the entire buyer's journey. 

And while this may not seem so radical or different from a traditional omnichannel approach, experience-driven commerce places a much larger emphasis on personalized content delivery and looking at the sales cycle as perpetual instead of linear. This approach allows brands to provide customers with the information they need at the moment they demanded it, as well as the means to act upon it.

How is Episerver driving the shift from transaction-centered commerce to experience-driven commerce?

The Episerver Digital Experience Cloud is a unified marketing and digital commerce platform that helps brands create unique digital experiences across multiple channels while managing them through one interface. It includes online shopping, augmented in-store experiences, as well as mobile shopping. 

Episerver allows users to extend their visual brand across all devices by automatically reconfiguring pages to fit all screens. You can also connect the online to the in-store experiences by allowing customers to collect their orders from their preferred store. It will also allow you to immediately personalize product content based on individual customers, markets, channels, or acquisitions to create highly targeted promotions. 

You can automatically analyze visitor behavior and use that data to upsell or cross-sell merchandise. By using behavioral optimization, you can improve the search results of product listings. You can place editorial, promotional, and guiding content anywhere on your site (product pages, listings, checkout flows, etc.) and also edit product content in context.  

With Episerver, you can perform A/B testing, improve SEO with SEO insight on every page, improve paid search conversions and organic search placement with automatic landing pages of contextual listings of product types and product properties. With its fine-grained access control, you can delegate responsibilities to different teams and markets while also increasing collaboration between marketing and e-commerce management 

In short, the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud solution allows you to create an engaging, efficient and scalable e-commerce platform, perfect for your experience-driven initiatives. Ameex Technologies is an Episerver Solution Partner that can help you navigate the platform.

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