Unifying Omnichannel Data for Improved Business Results & Better ROI

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 29 Apr 2022

Did you know that as per Harvard Business Review,73% of customers use various channels during their purchasing experience? Customers tend to buy a product after they’ve collected as much information as possible from a bunch of sources to advocate their buying preference. Omnichannel operations are concerned with holistic customer experience, rather than customers' individual interactions with various channels. For a business, unified data accumulated via omnichannel marketing tactics can do wonders.

Here are 5 advantages of unifying omnichannel data:

Reduction in Data Silos

Data silos create bottlenecks and can drastically slow down the pace of your online operations. By unifying your data of different channels, your digital team can instantly access the accumulated information, thus eliminating the need for time-consuming and costly integration projects. They can select key data elements and use them in a productive manner. This means improved ROI for your business and a higher chance of success.

Focusing on Relevancy

Using the unified data collected by omnichannel marketing in a comprehensive manner allows you to precisely target the customers with the most relevant information and promotional offers. As a result, your customers’ experience with your brand improves. Without being limited by the data models in your existing platforms, you may create a completely personalized data model appropriate to your customer base and business.

Dedicating More Time to Creativity

By unifying your data, you stand for innovation and creativity. Your digital teams can concentrate their time and attention on things that genuinely improve the customers’ experiences when all data is at their fingertips. What are the stumbling blocks in your customer's path? How can they improve existing experiences in order to increase revenue? What are some other innovative techniques of serving your customers? These are some of the questions your digital team can concentrate on with more time in hand.

Smooth Interactions with Customers

Did one of your many customers place an order a few days back and desire to know its status now? By accessing unified omnichannel data, your business can update the customer via real-time interaction even if their previous channel of communication was different. The customers won’t have to disclose everything about themselves again. This form of transaction shifts the burden from the customers to the brand, which is where you intend to shine. Seamless interaction with the customers is guaranteed!

Building Customer Loyalty

By unifying omnichannel data and with the help of it displaying yourself as a customer friendly brand, your business will gain profound customer loyalty. Companies that execute omnichannel customer engagement strategies can hold on to 89% of their customers.

Did you know that customer retention rates are 90% higher for omnichannel compared to single channel? If you’ve not had a chance to unify your omnichannel data, now might be the best time.

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