Ways Enterprise Chatbot can go wrong!

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 11 Sep 2018

Perhaps one of the top emerging consumer technology on a global scale is the AI enabled Chatbots that learn on the fly to receive, respond to, and solve a wide-range of customer inquiries. That said, the Enterprise Chatbot solution and deployment is still at a very nascent stage so immense care is needed in planning & deploying an Enterprise chatbot.

Turning chatbots loose without proper safeguards and without thorough development testing can wreak havoc on customer service or support functions. The issues could vary from technical integrations to user experience in using the Chatbot.

Here are some things you need to really focus on to ensure your BOT doesn’t falter!

1.Attention to technology and human factors!

Preventing bot failure demands attention to a variety of technology and human factors prior to launch. Extensive modeling, analytics, and audits can help to ensure a successful launch and bot behavior in-line with best practices and company policies. The AI behind Chatbots are going to be evolutionary in its learning process so it good to have professionals on standby who can evaluate and correct any potential problems that could damage corporate reputations and bottom lines.

2.Do it right – save time and money

Used effectively, implementing chatbot technology is a time and money-saving feature for any website. Increased customer service, conversational commerce, business exposure, and lower maintenance and operations costs are just a few of the ways that chatbots add value to businesses across a wide range of industries and applications.


As AI-based technologies infiltrate everyday business applications, a handful of epic — and sometimes humorous — failures have generated more than just business productivity. Chatbots have provided a global online community with a few laughs and gasps that demonstrate continuing need for pre-launch planning and regular functionality review:

Curbing your child’s and Alexa’s Spending Habits

Story of Alexa ordering 170$ doll house with kid’s commands!

Early in its launch, the AI-enabled Amazon’s home interface - Alexa experienced some backlash when parents discovered that their children could order very expensive items with Alexa’s help! When kids began asking Alexa for things — like $200 dollhouses and pounds of cookies — the chatbot delivered. It wasn’t long before developers had to adjust Alexa’s responsiveness to curb Alexa’s spending habits.

The key is to have clear voice-based authentication mechanism for your Enterprise voice-based assistants when you deploy them in Alexa or Google Home!

A Dose of Soap – Wash it out!

BOT gone wrong

It’s difficult to discipline a chatbot with a dirty mouth, but a good cleaning is what Microsoft’s AI-enabled Twitter bot needed in March 2016. After rolling out its chatbot that was supposed to learn language and interact with users on Twitter, Microsoft executives were quickly embarrassed by their prodigal bot. Within a matter of hours, “Tay” began assimilating language from racially charged and sexist Twitter accounts. The first bot-initiated Twitter rant followed — complete with the offensive language the chatbot had learned from questionable sources.

The key is to have assisted learning for your Enterprise Chatbot to make sure that it learns the right things!

The ADD Bot – That told us more than just the weather!

The popular weather chatbot “Poncho” had some difficulty paying attention to user requests. Designed to provide intermittent forecast updates throughout the day, when Poncho made the transition to Facebook Messenger, it ran into too many distractions. The chatbot began peppering responses with learned language about its ex-spouse, responding in different languages, and asking irrelevant questions. Apparently, even a bot can get sidetracked by social media.

The key is to have mechanisms for the bot trainers monitoring your Enterprise Chatbot to make sure that it learns the right things!

Plan a Successful Rollout

These examples — mostly laughable, mildly repugnant, epic fails, shows that enterprise chatbot implementations NOT your mundane and functional launch events. Maintaining a stable Chatbot implementation comes with meticulous planning, development, and pre-launch testing that ensures bot behavior even in the most difficult environments.

At Ameex, our development professionals know the value and importance of a well-implemented Enterprise chatbot that fields user input, answers questions, and formulates actionable solutions. While a bot-fail can propel a business into the spotlight for laughable responses, an even better result is high-quality customer service or chat commerce that produces long-time clients, business growth, and profits.

If you want to learn more or just have a discussion with the author on Chatbots and implementations, reach out to Raj Piruthivi – Director, Digital Transformation Delivery @ [email protected]