Why you need a HR bot/Digital Work Assistant? Why now?

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 11 Sep 2018

Millennials have surpassed Gen Xers as being the most prominently represented generation in the work force as of 2015 with 53.5 million people, according to Pew Research Center. Since millennials are such an influential and substantial part of our working population, and the future of our labor force, it’s in every employer’s best interest to adapt their company’s existing practices to cater to the younger demographic.

Understandably, it’s hard to make large, sweeping, company-wide changes on the fly, especially if your company is spread across different regions, industries and practices. Human Resources is one department that has far reaching implications throughout your organization and implementing best practices in this department can reach further, faster, and have a real impact within your organization compared to other departments.

Investing in HR has huge upsides – HR in itself is the department that takes care of your most valuable asset – your employees. It’s the department that takes care of hiring, firing, and everything in between. Making sure your employees and human resources department have a good relationship, then, is essential.  Millennials seem to agree – a staggering 92% of employees believe that [employers] showing empathy is an important way to advance employee retention (source: BusinessSolver), however only 22% of small employers are currently engaged in worksite wellness (source: National Small Business Association and Humana).

Making employees feel like they have a voice, secure, and confident is surely worth the effort needed to make it happen. AI enabled chatbots are a great asset in your digital toolbox that can help your human resources team in profound ways, with far reaching consequences.

Giving your employees a direct line to their HR team

Improving employee engagement with HR bot

It’s clear that millennials value a close relationship with their employer, increasing employee retention and satisfaction, which in turn leads to better performance. Chatbots are a great medium for HR-employee communication, and with an influx of millennials into your workforce, can take place extensively in a medium they understand – texting (68% of millennials they text a lot on a daily basis). Textual communication with a chatbot is also instant and versatile, and these conversations can take place in any medium (social media, HR tools, website). With chatbots, your employees also experience a much more personalized digital experience. Your employees can feel like they have their very own HR resource keeping tabs on them, understanding their preferences, and listening to their concerns – all characteristics your employees value.

Chatbots can take care of those day-to-day tasks. All day. Every day. 

HR bot for resume screening

Your HR team is in charge of critical tasks essential to the well-being of your company, such as policy implementation, strategic recruitment, training, and maintaining employee focus. Your chatbot can assist your HR team in performing these crucial tasks, while seamlessly taking over some of the less demanding tasks your HR team may be responsible of, such as answering employee FAQs, questions regarding policies, requests for days-off and even collecting feedback from personnel.

Training supplemented with chatbot interaction is much more effective as it demands more participation, chatbots can aid recruitment processes by making them more automated and self-reliant, while integrating efficiently into software.

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