Redefining Healthcare contours with AI and digital solutions.

Healthcare – A fertile ground for AI and emerging advanced analytics technologies to help CIOs improve outcomes, cut costs and increase engagement.

“Rapid innovation in diagnostic, therapeutic and care delivery models is driving the global healthcare and life science industry, with broad technology deployment and resource allocation implications for business and IT leaders”. – Gartner Research 2018
An onset of commercialized advances has put the healthcare space into a continuous state of disruptive innovation. It is imperative that CIOs and business leaders have their own plan to digitally innovate and commercialize, especially as the sector's boundaries continuously shift. They must anticipate the disrupting innovations both within their industry and beyond.

We at Ameex focus on the niche and emerging technologies in next-gen Healthcare.

Our offerings harness AI to provide a superior experience to both elderly and millennials alike
Our IoT solutions are primed at spiking up the adoption rate of wearable which has provided deeper actionable analytics and coupled with conversational AI blended with Voice based skills had radically transformed the wellness program in general and Medication compliance, Patient education, Provider support in specific.
We cover the end to end spectrum through solutions to encompass right from user experience to the adoption of Healthcare products.