Case Studies

Propensity modelling helped our client use customer segmentation in cross selling

Our Client Client is a US-based leading publisher with print and digital media properties.… Read More

Helped a leading pharma client to hasten their decision making by leveraging the power of cloud

The client is a leading pharmaceutical company based in the United States. Objective The client… Read More

Helped a leading healthcare client overcome their data platform challenges

The client is a leading healthcare company based in the United States. Objective The Client… Read More

Optimizing performance with audits and analytics - Preventive and Proactive.

The client is a leading product based company located in the United States. It does business in… Read More

Business intelligence dashboard helped client understand effectiveness of campaigns

Client is a liability insurance and risk management service provider to schools and colleges. The… Read More

Subscriber Profiling intelligence helped client increase revenue by 30%

Client is a leading publishing company based out of US, primarily dealing with online magazines and… Read More

PowerBI Dashboards Helped our client analyze employee performance

Presenting to you a dashboard showing the Estimated and Actual Delivery trends of Leases for a well… Read More

ML based risk assessment solution helped the client reduce the loss incurred

Client is a leading financial institution based in the US, offering different financial services.… Read More

Multi-Touch Attribution helped the client understand the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns

Client is a leading consumer goods conglomerate dealing with healthcare, hygiene and home products… Read More