Case Studies

Subscriber Profiling intelligence helped client increase revenue by 30%

Client is a leading publishing company based out of US, primarily dealing with online magazines and… Continue Reading

Sentimental analysis helped a FMCG brand make some key business decisions

Client is a FMCG company with a strong social media presence and is not utilizing social media data… Continue Reading

Data Migration for a leading publishing company reduced solution cost by 65%

Client is a leading media and communication company and wanted to migrate from Salesforce to AWS.… Continue Reading

A multi-faceted digital solution that fosters credibility to its stakeholders - the Public.

Developed in 1877, the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) is one of the oldest agencies in… Continue Reading

Propensity score predictor helped our client predict the customers likelihood to purchase a product

Client is a leading e-commerce company selling baby nutrition products. They want to leverage the… Continue Reading

Propensity modelling helped our client use customer segmentation in cross selling

Our Client Client is a US-based leading publisher with print and digital media properties.… Continue Reading

Anomaly detection helped client predict anomalies 90 minutes ahead of time

Our client is a leading cloud service provider for various enterprise customers in domains such as… Continue Reading

PowerBI Dashboards Helped our client analyze employee performance

Presenting to you a dashboard showing the Estimated and Actual Delivery trends of Leases for a well… Continue Reading

Personalization and improved website performance increased the website traffic by 150%

Client is a leading financial group offering annuity, life insurance, and preneed products, helping… Continue Reading