60% Maintenance Cost Reduction by Ameex via Drupal

The Client & Ameex

Established in 2005 through a merger, an American-Canadian multinational beverage and brewing company approached Ameex for redesigning their existing Sitecore architecture to build a flexible and scalable platform based on component architecture in Drupal.

Business Goals:

  • Build a content delivery and multi-site provision platform using Acquia Cloud to launch 5 sites globally for client brands
  • Implement a Global Governance framework to foster brand consistency, site performance, and site security
  • Enable a low code platform to easily Configure and not develop
  • Enhance the content authoring experience and empower non-technical users to create, edit and publish pages
  • Reduce maintenance costs and delivery timelines by increasing reusability across brands and implementing process automation
  • Implement scalable and extendable architecture
  • Create a highly secured platform adhering to industry standards and data compliance

Digital Challenges

Ameex carried out an end-to-end assessment of the existing digital ecosystem and observed that the existing architecture used by the client had scope for improvements in content authoring, reusability and overall architecture.

Ameex understood that the client found it difficult to use the existing architecture. It was time consuming for the developers and website admins to perform any updates or enhancements to the application. Ameex found the process of globalization and localization of the websites to be a laborious task within the existing set up.

For a global organization that intends to develop a global platform, these challenges posed a serious risk. Hence, Ameex came up with a futuristic, cost-effective, solution approach for the client, primarily using Acquia Cloud as a core part of the infrastructure.

Ameex Approach

Ameex held a global discovery to understand the pain points of the client and their content authors. Ameex laid out a roadmap for client's platform, to optimize the Drupal architecture on top of Acquia Cloud. The core infrastructure included multisite architecture and multi theming to provide flexibility to use several templates across sites.

Our goal was to build a true Digital Experience platform and provide an intuitive user experience for the end-users. To achieve this, Ameex planned 3 keys to success:

3 Keys to Success:

  • Acquia Cloud:To provide industry standard infrastructure security and improve site management, Acquia Cloud was used to leverage its complete feature set, to increase performance, offer consistent uptime, and build developer-friendly architecture.
  • Drupal Layout Builder – Component Based Design: To optimize the Drupal architecture for flexible layouts and features using component-based design best practices, Ameex implemented Drupal Layout Builder.
  • Website Performance: To improve the overall performance, Ameex implemented lean scripts and eliminated redundancies to improve the page load time and increase the end user engagement.

This approach helped us to create multiple brands sites within a matter of 2-3 months. We delivered 5 sites in 3 months utilizing this new architecture.

Key Results

Ameex was able to deliver a customer-centric experience. The following are some of the major metric highlights that were achieved for the client:


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