Ameex Brought Holistic Digital Transformation for Incontinence Products Company and Increased their Revenue By $2Million

The Client

Ameex was approached by a client offering incontinence products to their customers. Established in 2002, our client has successfully helped millions of users and turned their lives stress-free thereby improving their quality of life.


The client needed holistic transformation with revenue improvements and web governance optimization. Ameex performed an exhaustive audit focusing on areas of data, technology and SEO. We also graded their digital ecosystem and found it to be lacking digital maturity.

Ameex realized that setting up a seamless process for sprint management was required while formalizing production support and improving development quality. It was decided that 80 % to 90% of the budget would be spent on strategic projects with the aim on attaining maximum conversions.

Our Approach

After onboarding and documentation, Ameex executed gap analysis, planned and defined the processes for enhancements. Post analysis, we discovered that there were process hiccups in agile sprint management and slow scale-up of resources in the EPI commerce end given high demand on the market & internally. A high-level roadmap for achieving the required goals was meticulously developed. Sprint KPIs and Business KPIs were identified. For improved data maturity, Ameex concentrated on the ‘customer life cycle’ factor.

Solution Offered

A robust agile process was considered. A product roadmap was designed along with the client to create a more holistic, objective-driven roadmap with clear ROIs on initiatives. We improved their data maturity by setting them up on GA for basic data collection and analysis, audience segmentation, shopping and checkout behavior funnel reports, custom alerts etc. We helped them understand data around acquisition and retention – stages of customer lifecycle. Some important insights like CLTV and AOV were derived from this exercise.

Ameex realized that 50% of the customer base was one and done customers. We needed to grab their attention further. A loyalty program was prepared to improve customer loyalty and improve the retention rate of customers. New payment gateways were made available. Campaigns like free shipping and first-order promotions from creative strategy to data-driven implementation were performed. UI/UX recommendations were implemented to reduce the exit and drop from purchase paths. Modules that were heavy were worked upon. New features were enabled.

With Ameex engagement, revamping of the site took place. 18+ optimizations activities were carried out which included keyword targeting and SEO friendly page outlines, and identification of relevant blog topics. Also, 30 key milestones of new content were executed. Previously, 80% of the budget was being utilized for bug fixes of the platform and 20% of the budget was being allotted for the new features. Through our optimization process, the system was more stable, and we could focus 80% of our budget on new features and 20% on bugs. We removed their technical debt and executed optimization exercises on key modules like checkout, server log cleanups & promotion modules. This was done at a reduced cost than expected.

A holistic solution was provided across SEO, technology and data tracks at 21% reduction in cost compared with previous technology vendors. Ameex also successfully eradicated the fraudulent activity that was taking place by supposed first-time customers for deriving coupon discounts and availing coupon offers.

Important Statistics

  • The revenue increased from around $25MM to $27MM from 2020-21
  • The Customer Lifespan is 1.2 to 1.3 years and Customer Lifetime Value is $1100 to $2700
  • The average order value of subscription customers is $110 to $120
  • There was 28% reduction in operational cost of web development
  • Improve the organic conversion rates from 2.4% - 4% through a series of initiatives.
  • Organic search traffic to the blog up by 6.13% from Q2 2021 to Q3 2021
  • New content creation & existing content optimization led blogs to 60 new positions in Google & improve upon over 400 existing positions over Q2 2021 & Q3 2021
  • Product finder tool was implemented which reflected an overall conversion rate of around 42%
  • Sales through organic search grew by 15.09% from Q3 2020 to Q3 2021 and by 30.60% from Q2 2020 to Q2 2021
  • Sales from blog posts through organic search grew by 30.60% from Q3 2020 to Q3 2021 and by 10.06% from Q2 2020 to Q2 2021

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