Accelerating a Refreshed Digital Experience for a Global Brewery Brand
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Company Overview

A global brewery brand was planning a revamp of their website to coincide with their multi-million dollar national media campaign. They approached Ameex to deliver a new digital experience platform on time!

Providing Consultation for Design Map and Information Architecture

Given the dauting challenge of getting the website ready in a short time with a refreshed look, Ameex knew it must be involved from the very beginning of the project along with the media agency. We worked with the agency to plan the design map and information architecture for the new website that would also include an omnichannel experience through social media integrations. Content generated on Social media channels gets shown on the website – setting the foundation for the website to be the center call to action of the campaign.


Conquering Implementation Challenges from Wireframes to Final Design Comps

Creating the fine balance between creative freedom and implementation complexities is critical for any implementation. Leveraging our experience of building highly complex interactive UI screens in several cutting-edge front end technologies, Ameex was uniquely positioned to guide the media agency on the complexity of design elements -- accelerating implementation time. Creative balancing was needed to ensure the website was built on time with the right reusability capabilities and a strong, engaging user experience.


Launching a new website on time to anchor a successful multimedia global brand refresh campaign was very satisfying. The client received positive customer feedback about the powerful digital experience delivered by the new website and omnichannel strategy.

Value delivered

  • coors light75% Faster

    Marketers can quickly edit or publish content with less developer dependency

  • coors light16 Weeks to
    4 Weeks

    Leveraging Ameex’s Accelerated Development Framework, the development time was significantly reduced from 16 weeks to 4 weeks.

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