50% increase in local organic traffic for a leading agriculture equipment dealer

The Client

A 100-year-old successful John Deere dealer offering quality agricultural, construction, and turf solutions with dealerships in 15 locations throughout Ohio and Indiana.

The Situation

Today, heavy equipment customers, like any other shoppers, are online and start their purchase journeys on search engines. As an early adopter of ecommerce business, our client quickly realized the importance of online visibility and its role in their overall business growth. By managing in-house, their organic efforts yielded average results and poor conversions. They approached Ameex with the goals of optimizing their website to rank higher in search results, improve site navigation, target local searchers, and deliver a seamless user experience that drives conversion.

Our approach & solution

Our team of experienced search engine optimization experts and digital strategists conducted a comprehensive SEO audit to gain deeper insights into their website’s ability to appear in search engine results pages (SERPs). The team provided an actionable plan to help improve their online visibility, user experience, and lead generation. Ameex’s clients have seen great results using our SEO process, which is broadly classified into six pillars.


After the SEO audit, we discovered:

  • Website was not optimized for local searches.
  • Bounce rate was higher due to the double tagging issue.
  • Poor navigation experience and getting relevant information was complex.
  • Traffic data was recorded only for HTTP pages and not for HTTPS versions.
  • URL structures were complex and crawl errors need to be fixed.
  • Page titles, page descriptions, page layouts, and header tag all needed immediate updates.
  • Issues with the internal links and backlinks need to be fixed.
  • Form filling experience is complex and needs to be simplified.

Outcome delivered in all six pillars

  • Content – Blog traffic increased by over 80% YoY

    During the initial review, the site didn’t do enough to answer user queries or make finding answers easy. The blog wasn’t active or growing. The site now has a dedicated content strategy with a regularly updated blog.

  • Architecture – Higher organic search impression

    During the initial review, the sitemap needed to be updated, the URL structures needed to be simplified, and crawl errors needed to be corrected. These issues have been mitigated, and we’ve seen a large increase in organic search impression share.

  • HTML – 50% increase in organic site traffic YoY

    Page titles, page descriptions, page layouts, and header tag implementation all needed attention in order to help users and search engines better understand what the pages/site/content is actually about, and the issues have been mitigated.

  • Trust – Offered off-page SEO support

    The domain has about 20 years of history, but the backlink profile was smaller than expected, and key trust elements were not leveraged or optimized. We’ve worked with the team to support off-page SEO and improve backlinks.

  • Links – Increased conversions 40% YoY through locations pages

    Due to several issues with internal linking, users were unable to connect to answers quickly. The internal linking structure has been improved and updated to drive users to the “Locations” pages.

  • User – Brought down pages per session to the 4.20 range

    Users had challenges in finding answers about products due to the number of steps required to get to a form. We’ve worked to cut down on the number of steps to get to forms. Pages per session were over 6.00 when we first started. We’ve worked to lower that to the 4.20 page session range.

After implementation, our client is now seeing huge growth in business. They continue to be a valuable partner working alongside our multiskilled maintenance and support team to monitor the website 24/7 and conduct developmental work as needed.

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