Platform Re-engineering for a Travel and Leisure city website

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 10 Apr 2020

Being one of the top-rated travel and leisure city in the whole of US, our client “The Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism” officially manages multiple websites to promote its year-round leisure holiday destination to tourists and many domestic and international businesses. Palm Springs city website showcases 220+ hotels, entertainment venues, shopping activities for tourists.

This case study emphasizes the role of Ameex in creating a roadmap and implementing an incremental approach forplatform stabilization and future enhancements to one of our travel and leisure client and the outcomes derived through quality delivery.

Migrating from WordPress to Drupal

Palm Springs Bureau had engaged a vendor to migrate all their websites from WordPress platform to Drupal which didn’t go well as planned. All the official websites of Palm springs bureau and third-party website which leveraged data from one of the official websites had several issues in design/UX, performance and functionality aspect.

Challenges in User Experience

  • The websites were not responsive across devices
  • The user interface menus were not working
  • The core design features were not structured
  • All four sites of the city tourism had ADA compliance issues


  • Page loading time was poor in both desktop and mobile versions which affected the customer experience resulting in higher bounce rate.


  • The sites had several broken links
  • Issues in managing events in the site
  • Various issues in search functionality 

Ameex Solutioning Approach

Ameex with its decade long expertise in Drupal technology quickly formed a project team consisting of Drupal Architects, Senior developers, Quality Analysts and Creative UX designers to conduct a comprehensive assessment of their digital ecosystem. Next step on this project rescue mission was to create a process approach to incrementally stabilize the platform and decided to revamp their existing architecture. The platform’s code architecture was reviewed to identify risks, areas to improve for SEO, performance, compliance, security, design features and functionalities.


Site Revamp

A revamp of their existing architecture ensured performance optimization, functionality improvement and UX enrichment.

Performance Optimization

Various aspects of the website including core code-base, cache settings and images were optimized during the revamp to deliver a better performing website to the client. The site now loads fast like never before and the performance across devices looks seamless.

Functionality improvisation

  • Numerous API issues were fixed to ensure seamless functioning
  • New features were implemented to sort and manage the events calendar on the website
  • The search functionality was improvised to deliver desired results to the end users

Re-defining UX 

Our in-house creative UX designers collaborated with the project team and suggested ideas for design improvisation and implemented them.


  • After a thorough site audit, we fixed all issues pertaining to responsiveness
  • A brand-new design was tailor-made to two sites ( & )
  • We proposed and implemented a new tool “Site improve” to enhance the UI/UX.
  • A user guide was given to Palm springs website editors, to help them adhere to ADA compliances and also easily author content on the live site


The client was able to see results immediately after the implementation


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