Unified Digital Workplace Platform Boosts Employee Engagement and Productivity

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 23 Dec 2019

The Client

One of the largest furniture retailers in the world with over 400 stores operating in 50+ countries. They opened their first store in Saudi Arabia in 1983 and today has expanded its Saudi operations to Riyadh and Dhahran with over 3000 employees.

Good Employee Experience Drives Greater Customer Experience

The client believes that there is a strong link between employee experience and customer experience. Even the employees who don’t interact directly with customers are important to shaping customer experiences. But there were some gaps and pain points in the onboarding, learning and performance phase of their staff’s employment life cycle. 

  • Using multiple applications for different needs
  • Most of the process and tasks needs manual intervention
  • Lack of awareness of processes and policies
  • Reachability in general was a challenge
  • Poor collaboration between co-workers
  • Most of the co-workers are more reactive
  • Customer support could be bettered by offering a seamless experience

Voices of their staff

  • We want to bring the Co-workers experience to heart of people management
  • A single app to be the gateway to all the co-worker’s key engagement
  • We want to transform Co-workers to be the Ambassadors of the brand

Creating a Unified Digital Workplace Platform

Ameex Technologies was approached to build a unified digital workplace ecosystem that can seamlessly work across devices. Series of business workshops were conducted to collect end-user requirements and agree upon the objectives for the development and implementation.

Since the client’s needs were unique, Ameex proposed creating a custom-built integrated platform that can have a single interface for their co-workers to easily access company updates, collaborate with other team members and manage their day-to-day responsibilities.

Key Features

Social Platform 

A common platform for co-workers to share thoughts, knowledge and collaborate across

Task Management 

Co-workers’ task tracking and workload management. Better visibility for managers to ensure Team’s workload is divided fairly

Chat & Calls 

A well-integrated communication tool that allows co-worker to reach and interact with any other co-workers.

Integrated HR Module

Platform to view the organisational information and update the personal information. Also create and deliver learning materials to co-workers


Integrating daily activities with gaming mechanisms which rewards for tasks completed



High-level solution architecture 



  • Seamless experience across web and mobile. Co-workers’ satisfaction levels increased by 20 % after implementing the easy-to-use unified platform 
  • Integrated social, chat and gamification features helped increase co-workers’ engagement levels and collaboration by 2X
  • Greater visibility and operational efficiency – Managers can now assign, track their co-worker’s tasks and ensure workload assignment is balanced across teams. Also automated some of the manual processes which resulted in 15% increase in productivity
  • Easily create and categorize learning programs / materials based on various work scenarios or situations to help co-works to relate and adapt them on the job quickly. Within a month after implementing the platform, customer complaints have reduced by 10%

If you want to learn more about employee engagement and productivity or implement one for your organization, let’s connect!

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