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Company Overview

Our client offers a broad range of retirement, life and reinsurance products designed to help their customers address their financial challenges.

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The client approached Ameex to revamp their Advisor Portal to provide their insurance agents with 24*7 access to relevant resources and sales strategies that would help them serve their existing customers and acquire new customers.

Issues with existing portal

  • icon-1 Outdated CMS platform

    Their existing CMS was still running on Drupal 7, which had fewer updates, and more performance issues and security risks. With newer versions of Drupal available, their CMS platform was outdated and needed upgrading. A lot of time was spent on content management by their content editors due to the older platform technology. The site was also not responsive across devices.

  • icon-2 Content Architecture

    The template architecture of the site was not flexible and did not allow customization. Content updates were dependent on developers who created new layouts and content updates, which increased costs and time to market. Content was not categorized and tagged, which made it difficult for users to find relevant information.

  • icon-3 Outdated Design

    The overall design of the site was outdated and not in line with their current brand style. It lacked brand consistency across the site. The site had few pages, with low content and suboptimal design. Also, it was not completely responsive covering all break points.

  • icon-4 Engagement rate was less

    Improved SEO ensured a better customer experience with improved website speed and a better conversion rate.

  • icon-5 Performance issues

    The site had poor performance with a lag in loading the page and search results, which took approximately 7 to 9 seconds.

Creating Impactful Digital Experiences for their Agents – The Journey

Our team from Ameex not only optimised site performance for the client but also ensured that the site offered a complete digital experience, including personalization and martech integration

MarTech Integration & Personalization Increased Engagement

Seamless integration with marketing automation and personalization tools like Marketo, Acquia Lift, Salesforce automation and Google Analytics helped the client to segment their users (Agents), understand their behavior and individualize the agent’s experience on the portal.


Component-based Architecture for Flexibility and Personalization

Ameex built 30 different components each with a unique set of fields and design. With the help of these components, content addition can be done at ease and a unique template can be created for every page that is created. These components were built in such a way that they are compatible for personalization.

Thus, developer dependencies were reduced with an improved content management experience using instant tools like CKEditor for easy content management. Website performance was enhanced with the help of caching and development and deployment efficiencies were improved through easy configuration management.


Above is the Personalization Architecture that Ameex implemented in collaboration with Acquia. With this framework, slot and personalization rules were created for each segment identified. Components are built in such a way , either individual sub-items within the components or the component as a whole could be personalized.

For example, in horizontal cards component, each card can be created as single component in Drupal and the same will be synced in Content Hub as well



With these individual cards, a number of different combinations of horizontal cards for a whole component can be created, each horizontal card component having 4 cards in it. This enriched the personalization capability.

1. Admin can have default set of cards to display for anonymous users


2. With Acquia Lift integration, these individual cards could be personalized for different segments


Now the client can personalize content delivery on a page based on various factors like

  • User’s Location
  • Lead score/Marketo Score
  • The segment to which the user belongs to

Performance optimizations:

With different levels of caching mechanism implemented in the site, the site loading time was reduced to great extent. Specifically, a page where there are lots of files and images loads within 5 seconds.

Impact Created

  • icon-1

    Reduced developer dependency and improved content authoring experience thereby resulting in cost savings

  • icon-2

    Built a solid Martech ecosystem that allows the client to understand customer behavior, divide them into segments and deliver personalized content which improved user engagement rates.

  • icon-3

    Improved website performance – site load time <5 seconds

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