Helped a leading healthcare company with insights on customer perception about their brand

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 06 Nov 2019

Client is a leading consumer goods conglomerate dealing with healthcare, hygiene and home products. There are many brands associated with our client primarily dealing with healthcare services and baby care products


  • Client runs email campaigns for various baby care products and the objective is to provide insights on customer perception about their products on social media


  • Absence of a mechanism to mine and store data from social media sites
  • Data Consumption is not properly enabled

Solution Approach:

Ameex developed a solution to mine data and display the information related to email campaign performance metrics

A high-level approach is shown below 

  • Data was extracted from Twitter using APIs
  • Data transformation was done using Azure Function and stored in relational format in Azure SQL
  • Dashboards were developed on Tableau to showcase the sentiment analysis details- twitter trends, follower count, influencers etc…

Business Impact

  • Overall sentiment was found to be positive, which translates to a positive perception of the brand of our client
  • Key words highlighted the main talking points amongst the consumers of the baby care product

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