Integrated omni-channel experience increases Fan Subscriptions by 3X
Integrated Omni-channel Experience
Integrated Omni-channel Experience

Company overview

A professional wrestling company wanted to revamp its web presence, social media presence and drive more user engagements. The client wanted a new look and feel for the website along with enhancing abilities to engage more users and expand its reach.


The goal was to have an integrated omnichannel experience across the web, mobile apps, and TV apps, creating an intuitive user experience and enhancing fans’ engagement in the process. Additionally, they wanted to increase the number of paid user subscriptions and wanted to bring in live feeds from social media.

Existing digital ecosystem affected fan experience

  • classify-icon1 Website

    Drupal 6 + Uber Cart; No mobile/TV App

  • perr_grp_icon1 Major issues in their ecommerce platform

    Discounts workflows did not work as expected

  • icon-3 Poor user experience

    Finding Pay Per View, Video on Demand and TV videos was very difficult

  • icon-4 Search Issues

    Site search pulled up obsolete content and products

  • icon-5 Poor Website Performance

    High number of unused modules, lack of coding best practices caused poor website performance - Page load speed > 8 seconds

  • icon-6 Ecommerce Storefront

    Current platform did not support complex discounting and coupon features

  • icon-7 Security

    Security vulnerable modules were used with which SQL Injections need be done

  • icn-8 Video Streaming

    The new Ooyala V4 version was not supported in older version of Drupal

Building the Foundation to Deliver Omnichannel Experience

Ameex’s Digital Strategists, Drupal Consultants and Senior Architects built a solid digital architecture keeping three main factors in mind.

  • Technical Feasibility
  • Extendibility
  • Ease of content management

Ameex also needed to consider third-party video streaming and social media live feeds—both of these were going to be critical to the site’s continued success, but both needed to be as light as possible, minimizing any load on the server without compromising features or content.

  • Modules were reduced by careful optimization. Significant reduction in the website load resulting in page loading in less than 3 seconds
  • Keeping the complex ecommerce needs of the client in mind, Drupal Commerce was suggested for its robust custom framework- with extensive Community Support
  • Three different layouts were built to improve workflows and deliver better user experience
  • Identified and removed all vulnerable modules
  • PCI Compliant Architecture - PCI audit - Zero vulnerability
  • Ameex has custom built Ooyala integration into Drupal which supports new V4 Ooyala version across all browsers
  • Mobile first approach helped to extend easily with mobile Apps like apple, android and Roku

Mobile and TV Applications – Features

  • Group%2018903%402x.png Live streaming and Casting videos to smart TVs

    Consistency among the apps for Streaming LIVE content, playing recorded videos and casting them to smart TVs is achieved by dynamically changing the Video formats based on the video hosting platforms and the mode of streaming (live vs VOD).

  • Group%2018904%402x.png Convert general users to Members of ROH

    Our UX team analyzed their customer behavior and revamped the user experience which led to increase conversions.

  • /Group%2018940%402x.png Increased Reachability

    Apps built for mobile (iOS and Android) and integrated TV platforms (ROKU TV, Apple TV and Android TV).

  • Group%2018942%402x.png Book show tickets and buy videos online

    Integrated Content + Commerce delivers frictionless experience for ticket booking and online videos purchases across channels.

Impact Created

  • icon-b-1Increased Loyalty

    Enhanced omnichannel experience helped the client improve its loyalty base. We saw an immediate increase in user subscription by 8% for pay -per-view. Subscriber base tripled within six months after the launch

  • ion-b-2Performance Better SEO

    55% increase in page views

  • icon-blue-3Better User Engagement

    45% increase in Average Session Durations

  • icon-bl-4Performance

    45% increase in performance when compared to other competitor websites. Page load speed is now less than 3seconds

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