Interactive Tableau Dashboards To Track Customer Behavior

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 04 Sep 2019

A series of dashboards and storyboards showing consumer behavior metrics such as number of page visits, conversion ratio, time on site, etc using Tableau for a global nutrition company.

Problem Statement

  • Client is a multinational consumer goods company involved in the business of health, hygiene and home products
  • Client wants to have an analysis of the performance of their email campaigns to better understand their customer behaviour
  • Client wants to know the enrolment details of their customers across multiple platforms classified by geography

Our Approach

Interactive tableau





To perform customer profiling and analyse customer enrolment across different platforms and regions.

This dasboard includes various features such as

  • Drilldown capabilities, filters to view the performance metrics for a campaign/period
  • Dashboard accessibility to relevant stakeholders

Visualization Tool




Visualization Tool


Business Impact

  • Email campaign dashboard to track the performance rates of email campaign through metrics such as open rate, unique opens etc
  • Enrolment dashboard to give the customer enrolment data across various regions and various enrolment platforms

Case Studies