Migration to Magento 2 Delivers Powerful Performance for a B2B Client

Our Illinois-based client is a leading manufacturer, distributor, calibration source and service provider specializing in the quality industry.

Client problem/What the client needed help with

When the client approached us, they had a B2B ecommerce site built with Magento 1. They felt their existing design was unprofessional and the site was lagging in performance. They wanted a new site with a revamped and modern design, and as Magento 1 was nearing end of life, they were also in for an upgrade to the more powerful Magento 2.


  • Upgrade to Magento 2 platform
  • Revamp the site with a clean, professional and modern design
  • Streamline the Request for Proposal process
  • Integrate the site with Coupa, a procurement management software

Ameex’s process

After holding in-depth discussions with all the stakeholders involved, a thorough audit of the site was conducted. The team at Ameex, comprising of ecommerce consultants and Magento experts, were then able to identify the client’s pain points and their needs, identify which features needed to be carried over and which features had to be customized and built from scratch. Based on this, a roadmap for the migration process was created.

Here are some highlights of the solution developed by Ameex:

Platform improvements

With the upgrade to Magento 2, the new site saw a huge boost in performance, with a significant improvement in important web vitals.

Below are the vitals before the site upgrade -


And the web vitals after the upgrade -


Server response time was also drastically improved with TTFB (Time to First Byte) going down to 343ms from 472ms.

RFQ automation

Earlier, the request for proposal (RFQ) process was done manually, taking up to 6-7 hours when in fact, it could have been done in a few minutes. The team at Ameex helped shorten the RFQ process by building a simple and clean form on Magento 2 which customers could fill out with their desired product and specifications and request a proposal for the same. The request would reach the client team in seconds and they could easily respond to the prospective customer, thus simplifying the entire process.

Coupa integration

With over 75% of their orders coming in through customers from Coupa, it was crucial to integrate with the procurement platform. Moreover, it was important in order to further streamline the order management process and enable ease of ordering for their customers. With the integration in place, customers can browse through the catalog for their equipment needs on client's own site while managing their procurements on the Coupa platform. For more on how the integration was achieved and how it helped the client.

Modern and easy to use interface

The site was redesigned to reflect the client’s expertise and their numerous offerings in the quality industry. For instance, with the revamp, the site now displays over 60,000 products up from just 4000 in their previous site. The design was made much more professional and the interface easy to use – for instance, the Events section of the site now displays a calendar of all events with a filter to narrow down events by category, which was not available in the previous site.

Other outcomes delivered

  • value-icon2Site performance improved

    The new site running on Magento 2 now boasts a much superior performance and a modern, professional design. The site performance improved by almost 25%, with the overall GTmetrix score improving from ‘C’ to ‘B’.

  • value-icon2Reduce their lead time

    With an automated RFQ process, the client is now able to greatly reduce their lead time by almost 6-7 hours and also better manage their lead generation process.

  • value-icon2Seamless integration

    Despite being technically challenging, Coupa was seamlessly integrated to the client site for ease of ordering for their customers.

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