Multi-Touch Attribution helped the client understand the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 10 Apr 2020

Client is a leading consumer goods conglomerate dealing with healthcare, hygiene and home products.


  • Client wants to understand how credit for conversions should be attributed to various digital marketing channels in customer purchase journey
  • They wanted to optimize the digital marketing spend and measure the success of various digital marketing campaigns


  • They were not able to map the customer journey 
  • Tracking their spend and ROI on the digital marketing activities was tedious, as they did not have data-driven approach in place
  • Lacked robust data warehousing solution to store and analyze the data

Solution Approach:

  • Snowflake a cloud-based data warehouse was used as it is capable of massive parallel processing
  • Customer journey across various channels was tracked using website analytics data and stored in Snowflake
  • Customer and purchase information from other sources was collected and integrated with the customer journey
  • Purchase and spend data were used to calculate the effectiveness and ROI of individual campaigns
  • Using python, data connection was established with Snowflake to access the customer journey data
  • After data cleaning and feature selection, Markov chain model is used to represent customer journey in the form of Markov graph

Business Impact:

  • Multi-Touch Attribution helped the client understand the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns
  • The analysis helped them optimize the marketing budget and reduce the cost per conversion
  • Campaign performance analytics helped in getting insights on the effectiveness of campaigns

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