New Digital Experience Platform delivers 3X growth in online sales, 50% in cost savings
New Digital Experience Platform
New Digital Experience Platform

The Client

The world’s leading producer of infant formula and child nutrition has a primary goal of helping kids get the best start in life by offering innovative goods that support healthy growth and development from the prenatal stage through childhood. The company offers pediatricians’ highest-rated brand of baby formula and supplemental nutrition products.

Driven by a new generation of parents and health care providers, the client sought to provide a more robust digital experience that addressed concerns for ensuring proper nutrition, avoiding allergens, and accommodating special dietary needs. In addition, the client needed to keep pace with a growing and changing market, meet customer expectations, and to outperform its competitors.

Fragmented digital environment

Our client is a globally recognized authority on early childhood nutrition and operates dozens of brand websites in English and Spanish that focus on the individual information needs of new moms, parents of young children, health care providers, and educators. In addition to offering nutritional guidance, the company needed to also incorporate product information and give consumers a way to purchase products directly from the website.

The disparate sites presented a number of challenges for the company, including:

  • Expensive, difficult and time-consuming maintenance
  • Limited ability to localize content
  • Poor coding and UX/UI leading to slow site load speeds and poor user experience
  • Outdated security protocols and loopholes
  • No optimization techniques to properly monitor traffic and support marketing effectiveness

Building a Unified Digital Platform to Serve 40+ global markets

The Ameex team leveraged its unmatched knowledge of the retail and consumer packaged goods industries to guide the client towards a more innovative, manageable, and user-friendly platform. By implementing a state-of-the-art multi-site architecture, the team was able to develop a highly flexible, yet standard website that delivers a rich user experience that could also be replicated across over 40 market sites.

Ameex implemented essential features and functions into the new platform including:

  • Integration between CMS and ecommerce solution, enabling unified backend processes and management
  • Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and NLP enabled chatbot capable of engaging users 24/7
  • Agile localization and 100% personalization for registered users and new visitors, with ability to rapidly promote most recent and relevant content and promotions
  • Highly optimized design with real-time tracking to better engage users at every stage of the customer journey
  • Scalable, secure architecture that enables easier updates, upgrades, and faster time to market
  • Marketing-friendly structure empowering A/B testing, retargeting, SEO, and UTM tagging

High Level Architecture

Company Overview sec

Driving Transforming across Digital, IT, Marketing & Other Business users

Ameex played an important role by partnering with each stakeholders and address their challenges

Marketing & Brand Teams


  • Lack of web governance leading to brand inconsistencies and rising localization costs
  • Disconnected customer experience due to data and systems silos
  • Poor user experience affected engagement and conversion rates
  • Complex content authoring and different workflows resulted in increased time to market
  • Lack of analytics data to measure marketing effectiveness


  • Our global web governance framework helped in centralized branding, increased asset reusability and at the same time empowered local teams with sufficient autonomy to shape their digital requirements
  • Mapping customer journey using digital analytics to provide omni-channel experience
  • Improved user interface resulted in better online customer experience
  • Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and NLP enabled chatbot capable of engaging users 24/7
  • Scalable, flexible architecture that enabled easy content authoring and workflow automation
  • Implemented web analytics KPIs to measure and monitor marketing effectiveness

The Results

Since overhauling its website, our client has realized numerous direct benefits such as:

  • value-icon23X

    Increased online sales revenue by 3X and average order value by 60%

  • value-icon2190%

    Site performance up by 190%

  • value-icon250%

    50% reduction in maintenance costs with 100% reusable code

  • value-icon2Customer Satisfaction

    Significant increase in customer satisfaction

  • value-icon220%

    20% reduction in help desk tickets

  • value-icon27%

    7% uptick in visitor conversion

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