Outcome Oriented Agility for a Membership Organization

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 08 Oct 2019

How an outcome driven agile approach helped one of our clients to stabilize its digital platform, improve internal and external development team collaboration and reduce maintenance costs.

The Client

Largest automobile enthusiast organization in the world. Welcomes current and aspiring owners of all the global automobile marque makes and models -- from classics to contemporary cars-- to join their global network. Located in Colorado Springs, CO, the association has more than 25000 members in 85 chapters throughout North America.

The Challenges

  • Unstable digital platform affected member registrations
  • Poor collaboration and communication process between previous implementation vendor and client’s internal stakeholders
  • Delays in fixing issues led to poor user experience and platform performance
  • Delays in overall project completion and escalating maintenance costs

The Ameex Solution

Client was looking to replace its previous implementation vendor with an experienced partner to get their project back on track. Ameex with its extensive experience in handling several small and large rescue projects developed a detailed transition roadmap based on our outcome-based agile driven implementation methodology to

  • Stabilize their digital platform
  • Improve collaboration between the client’s internal team and Ameex’s implementation team
  • Identify and quickly resolve all membership application process issues 
  • Complete the project on time, within the budget


Going Agile

  • Comprehensive assessment of their platform and business workflows helped in creating detailed workflows for each task which also improved accuracy in estimations of tasks
  • Established clear DevOps process to enable multiple parallel development teams to work and deploy code seamlessly and simultaneously
  • Committed to 4-week timeline for clearing product backlog and achieved ahead of time
  • Improved collaboration through agile driven project management


The Results

  • Stabilized their customer relationship management platform which had lot of functional and technical issues.
  • Significantly improved collaboration and communication process with customer’s internal stakeholders.
  • Implemented a complete agile project management and execution methodology for ongoing enhancements and maintenance.
  • Significantly reduced turnaround time for building new features.
  • Proactively identified business critical issues and helped resolved them.
  • Ensure timely sprint based incremental delivery for all enhancements & maintenance.
  • Outcome driven engagement with focus on platform stability and timeline.

The client has now approached us to re-engineer their overall digital ecosystem, develop personalization capabilities and make it more innovation friendly.

If you want to learn more about agile approch or implement one for your organization, let’s connect!

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