PowerBI Dashboards Helped our client analyze employee performance

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 06 Nov 2019

Presenting to you a dashboard showing the Estimated and Actual Delivery trends of Leases for a well-known real estate client to analyze employee performance

Problem Statement

  • Client is a leading outsourcing service provider in real estate industry. It is a technology enabled services and software company
  • Client wants to know the correlation between performance and productivity of employees
  • Client wants to track the employee performance based by type of project and hours allocated for the project


To track the delivery period of leases and difference between the estimated and actual delivery of leases


This dashboard includes various features such as

  • Drilldown capability and filters to view data in a category
  • View the employee utilization trend over a period
  • Dashboard accessibility to relevant stakeholders

Visualization Tool


Business Impact

  • Client can make data-driven decisions resulting in improved performance level and retention of performing employees
  • Stakeholders can correlate performance level with productivity of employee
  • Utilisation hours of the employees in various projects over a period can be tracked to perform future predictive analysis

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