Anomaly detection helped client predict anomalies 90 minutes ahead of time

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 06 Nov 2019

Our client is a leading cloud service provider for various enterprise customers in domains such as Banks, pharmaceutical companies, Aviation, etc. As enterprises demand 24/7 access to their services and data, reliability remains a challenge for cloud service providers everywhere. It’s not a matter of whether an outage occurs; it’s strictly a matter of when. The client’s objective was to predict an outage in advance and to find the causal relationship, to take corrective steps proactively.


  • Need to predict outages
  1. The prediction should not be too alarmist or too slack - i.e it should be more accurate and minimal   false positives.
  2. The prediction should be made well ahead of time to take any corrective actions.
  • As data contains per minute log files, the size of data to handle is enormous.
  • Need a scalable model as the client has many infrastructure devices, each customized to their business partners.
  • Each IP has different parameters, irrespective of the type of device. In other words, Parameters for servers might vary based on IP address and client.

Solution Methodology

  • Exploratorily identified the parameters which are significant in determining the performance of a device.
  • Historical data is considered to get reliable input data and the considered window size of data was large enough to avoid any seasonality and any effects of outliers.
  • As the volume of data is enormous deep learning models have been used.
  • Predictive models are built for each device type to predict the values of parameters based on the time.
  • A notification system has been implemented to alert the client regarding the anomalies so that corrective actions can be taken.

Business Impact

  • Model was able to predict the parameter values with 81.6% of accuracy.
  • The training time was reduced to a minimum by using transfer learning.
  • The Model can predict anomalies 90 minutes ahead of time, enabling the client to take corrective actions.

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