Data Migration for a leading publishing company reduced solution cost by 65%

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 05 Nov 2019

Client is a leading media and communication company and wanted to migrate from Salesforce to AWS.

Current State:

  • There were two source systems primarily – one to hold subscription details and another to hold customer details. These 2 systems were holding 20 plus tables.
  • There were few other systems such as Demand Tools which was used for cleansing and data deduping.
  • Millions of rows of data were generated daily between these two systems and this was pushed into Salesforce through a nightly batch process after applying different transformations.
  • Domo was the platform used to meet the reporting needs of the various stakeholders.


  • Salesforce license was expiring within 3 months of the project initiation.
  • Over 350GB of data from Salesforce had to be migrated to the new environment.
  • Salesforce had complex transformation rules (50+ Apex Triggers) which had to be understood and replicated.
  • There was no prior documentation available, making the understanding of business rules complex.

Future state:

  • All the historical data (350+GB) is migrated from Salesforce into AWS.
  • All the data transformation rules used in Salesforce have been replicated in AWS.
  • Data from the two primary source systems and other systems (as appropriate) is now flowing seamlessly into AWS daily.

Business impact:

  • Overall Solution Cost was reduced by 65% ( Salesforce License Cost vs Our New Solution). Open Source technologies were used as much as possible to reduce the cost.
  • Daily Upsert process speed was increased by 30%.
  • Error Management in the new solution reduced manual effort.

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