Sentimental analysis helped a FMCG brand make some key business decisions

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 05 Nov 2019

Client is a FMCG company with a strong social media presence and is not utilizing social media data to make business decisions.

Current State:

  •  Client has a strong social media presence, but they are not utilising social media data for business decisions or actions.
  • It has a lot of brands and products that have been mentioned in social media often (Positively, negatively or neutrally).


There is no system or a tool to help a business understand the sentiment of their brand, product or service on the social media platforms.

Future state:

  • A text classification tool that analyses all the tweets and posts from the social media page and gives an insight to the brand on the nature of the underlying sentiment i.e., positive, negative or neutral
  • Dashboards that compare the social media sentiments of the various products within the same brand as well as competitor brands




Business impact:

  • Sentiment Analysis helped the client to identify the mood prevailing in the minds of the customers about their product and services
  • Competitor Analysis gave insights about their competitors and the mindset of the customers about the competitor’s products and services
  • Top Influencers, Competitor Intelligence, Effects of Various Campaigns, Important Issues, Desired Product Features, Time to Time Sentiment were identified through then analysis

Process Flow:


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