Subscriber Segmentation Using DOMO

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 04 Sep 2019

A series of dashboards showing the count of subscribers (Paid and Unpaid), split up region wise and level wise, using DOMO Visualization tool for a leading media and communications client

Problem Statement

  • Client is a world’s leading media and communication company
  • Client wants to understand the enrolment pattern of subscribers
  • Client wants to know how the performance of different marketing channels for subscriber outreach and perform profiling to better understand their subscriber base

Our Approach





To profile and create a subscriber scorecard (region-wise) to better understand the subscriber base


This dashboard includes various features:

  • Drilldown capability and filter to view data related to a few select category(s)
  • View the subscribers by profile and geo locations
  • Dashboard accessible to relevant stakeholders

Visualization Tool


Business Impact

  • Business Impact allowed business users to combine product and geography to create relevant strategies to better target subscribers
  • Profiling the subscribers allowed the client to cluster and target them by job function which improved the active subscribers count.
  • Business users were able to analyse their potential market and increase Y-o-Y revenue by 30%

Case Studies